Who is suitable for using air conditioning fans (precautions for using air conditioning fans)

2022-06-04 0 By

People with empty cold body are easy to catch cold when they blow air conditioning, but the high temperature in hot summer makes people can’t stand it. If they are like this crowd, they are very suitable for using air conditioning fans, which can ensure the cold air output and the temperature is not too low.For those who rent houses, air conditioning fans are a very good choice, because air conditioning is more troublesome to dismantle and assemble, while air conditioning fans are more convenient and easy to carry.The water tank inside the air conditioner fan must remember to clean regularly, because if you use it for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria. If you do not clean it in time, these bacteria will be sent out with the wind, floating in the air will have a certain impact on health.Timely power off when air conditioning fan is not in use, we must timely power off, try not to make it work continuously for a long time, otherwise it will reduce the service life of air conditioning fan.Do you have to add water when you use air conditioning fans?Air conditioning fans can be used without water. If water is not added, air conditioning fans can only play a air supply effect, which is almost like electric fans.But if the air conditioning fan added water or ice is used again, it can play a certain cooling effect.Therefore, it is recommended to choose whether to add water or not according to the temperature of the day and personal needs.How much the air cooler can cool depends on the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is about 35 degrees, the lowest temperature that can be reached with the air conditioner may be 25 degrees. If the ambient temperature is 20 degrees, the lowest temperature that can be reached may be about 10 degrees.