This poem is magnificent, solemn and stirring, which is very rare in farewell poems. Do you like it

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Touching Li Jing and Li Chunfu Beard Zhang Yuan is handsome among Chinese people. He is laughing like a handsome young man and touching the autumn sky; he is angry like a giant tearing up a dry pine, and I dare not jump off his head.Lee testimonies of the not abide by the Chinese authorities, so two to participate in research, so angry homecoming, so all the city famous for coming to see him off, the poet Li Chunfu is among them, in the practice of zhang 瑴 feast and Zhou Siming also in, so the poet begins said zhang 瑴 is the powerful male, xi such as handsome when Gu autumn sky, angry like monster withered pine,The poet Li Chunfu dared not compete with him.More a short week chin, wisdom tank bottomless eyes such as the moon, the head unbowed face such as iron, said not poor complex said.Qing enemy had clanged zheng, two hao with the army and horizontal, pingshan straight to the jing.And Zhou Si-ming is extremely argumentative, can “think tank have no bottom” and “head unyielding” to describe him, and his vision such as the month complexion such as iron, speak of words to have reason.Both Zhang and Zhou have their own characteristics, but they are equally matched.Unexpectedly the world has a classics, a classics magnificent day corporal, three thousand words of wind and rain, drunk fall and banished fairy yuan immortal, when borrow qi attack two sons.Drink high song Yan city, laugh at each other spring breeze, people hate ghosts jealous sorrow day, the path took my younger brother also Liaodong.There was a poet in our Jin dynasty, whose surname was Li, whose given name was Jing, and whose courtesy name was Tianying. He is seated among us tonight. He is different from the two mentioned above.He wrote poems so assiduously and so quickly that he could write three thousand words in a flash.And good surprising language, not to follow predecessors, the world is worthy of the name, it is the rebirth of poetry fairy Li Bai.Li Chunfu, Li Jing, zhang 瑴 and Zhou Si-ming four friends can be quite, like-minded, and in temper character also hit it off, so usually always talking and laughing together, drinking poetry, drunk to sing.However, such a talented person has been looked down upon, even if god has sentient beings, to see this scene for it.Today we all drink this cup of farewell wine, Li Jing will return home, back to liaodong.From now on between friends will be respective in the horizon, can often get together in the dream, how does this ending not make a person uncomfortable?Short weeks drunk silent, beard zhang also make blunt crown anger, a jing old tears like rain, only pingshan sword dance.The sword dance, the sword song, the man or the elk?Autumn wanli a bright moon, west wind blowing dream fly pass river.This heart geng Yuan mirror, bottom with children shoulder rub?30 miles, I’ll see you in a minute.Waving goodbye, usually talkative, voluble, said endless Zhou Si-ming because of the mood is too sad, even a word can not say.Zhang 瑴 drunk after the crown, scold non-stop.Li Jing saw this feeling, could not help but burst into tears.When the poet Li Chunfu saw this predicament, he pulled out his sword from his waist and sang while dancing with it. He sang passionately: “Man is not an animal like moose. In order to solve the problem of food and clothing and to have a good future, what else can he do but take the imperial examination?The moon rising on this autumn night is the witness of our friendship. It will pass on our friendship.In the dream of winter night, the west wind will blow us together, and then we can talk and laugh in the dream, drink and enjoy the beautiful scenery together.Our friendship, like a mirror, is visible in the sun. Why should we depart with tearful eyes and affectionate feelings, without manly spirit?”Li Chunfu, a poet, finally consoled Li Jing with Cao Cao’s words praising Yang Xiu: “Judging from your appearance, you are not an ordinary person, you are very talented, and you will be of great use in the future. This is called late success. Therefore, you should believe in yourself, and your friends are waiting for your good news.”The person is not milu deer how” reverse use “five generation history · a line of biography preface” : “place on the mountain forest and group milu deer, although insufficient to think of the middle way, but with its cannibalism of the lu, 俛 first and package shame, which if be worthy of heart?”Its meaning.Cao Cao and Yang Xiujie are excellent words. Cao cao said to Yang, “I am not as good as you, but I feel thirty li.””Imminent to see my brother” in zhuangzi · Geng Sang Chu: “to see me if imminent, I have to get you”.