The top 10 Chinese cities to visit in March and April, with their flowers blooming and climate friendly, are perfect for expats

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The most is a spring benefit, absolutely win yanliu full emperor.Spring can be the most beautiful time of year, when everything comes back to life, flowers bloom and nature shows off at its most romantic and tender.For those who like to travel, march is the season of home.I have compiled a list of the top 10 cities to visit in March and April in China. They are all good places to live in, with blooming flowers and pleasant weather. If you have time, you can stay here for a month to feel the best of China.The first one: Xiapu In spring, Xiapu has the world’s most beautiful beach, blue sea water and yellow beach interweave and merge, constitute the most beautiful scenery of the seaside.The fishermen’s hard work creates a charming charm between the sky and the sea, while the clouds and fog swell in the distant sea and the islands appear faintly. Under the intervention of light and shadow, every landscape has the texture of oil painting.Second: Linzhi If you have only one chance to visit Linzhi, you must come in spring.Nyingchi is the place with the lowest altitude in Tibet, and the climate is humid, so all kinds of flowers bloom more vigorously. The mountains and mountains are full of tender peach blossoms, and under the peach blossoms are bright rape flowers, while under the rape flowers are tender green grass. A variety of colors match together, and there is a beautiful “hiding in the South of the Yangtze River”.Qujing is a famous cold refuge city. Every winter, a large number of migratory birds travel south and leave in the spring.In fact, this has missed the most beautiful moment of Qujing, from March to the end of April, at this time of Qujing has been in full bloom rape, cherry blossom, peach blossom, the climate is the most comfortable.Luoping rape flower is the world’s largest rape flower sea, covering nearly one million mu, mountains, fields, streams, dazzling gold can be seen everywhere, coupled with the low mountains in the distance, just like a vibrant watercolor painting.Anshun anshun is a famous summer city with an average summer temperature of 21°C, and the summer heat is as hot as Liupanshui. From May every year, a large number of tourists come to spend summer.In fact, you can come a little earlier to feel the beauty of Anshun spring.Anshun is also famous for its rapeseed flowers. Longgong rapeseed flowers are a golden sea of art, which is more delicate than Qujing. There are ten thousand mu of cherry blossoms in Xixiu District and peach blossoms in mid-March, which make Anshun a city of flowers.Fifth: wuyuan as a little city has been gloriously enrolled, the most beautiful season in wuyuan is the scent of spring, start from the beginning of march until late April, wuyuan is like a blind opened Pandora’s box, rape, peach, plum and cherry blossoms, magnolia flower is open, collocation of ink and wash landscape and architecture, formed the most beautiful jiangnan landscape.Beihai is a famous city of health, here all the year round can be settled, but for northerners, used to the winter heating weather, they no longer adapt to the humid south coast, this is the best time to come.In The North Sea in March, the temperature is between 20°C and 27°C, which is the most suitable state for human body. It is neither cold nor hot. We can swim in the sea, breathe fresh air and eat delicious seafood.The seventh: Suzhou said fireworks in March jiangnan, then under the Jiangnan and where to go?The answer is Suzhou.Suzhou is perhaps the most jiangnan city, known as the “Venice” of the East. The city is full of winding rivers, willows sprout and peach blossoms bloom along its banks, and the atmosphere of spring is full of vitality.Spring in Wuxi is pink. Close to Taihu Lake, Wuxi has the ultimate romantic spring. In early March every year, the Yuantouzhu Scenic area is in full bloom with a large area of cherry blossoms, making it one of the famous cherry viewing places in China.At this time, there is also a large area of cherry blossoms in wuxi urban area, such as the 4.5-kilometer cherry blossom Walk, and the cherry blossom forest in the park, which turns it into a pink city.Xiamen has a special name “Haishan Garden”, and spring is the season when this garden opens.I have visited Xiamen many times. In fact, spring is the best time for you. You can go to the beach to watch the sea and walk unscrupulous, or you can worship the Buddha on The South Putuo Mountain, and have a seafood dinner in the evening to live a comfortable sodding life.Qingdao in summer is too hot and dry, Qingdao in autumn is lonely, Qingdao in spring is the most beautiful moment.At this time, Qingdao has a cool and comfortable temperature, everywhere is a bird flying swallow dance, spring breeze and warm wind, the waves are more gentle and calm, the sea like a layer of filter, blue charming, tourists are not many, there is no summer dumplings scene, you can enjoy the beautiful spring.Which of these 10 cities do you like, and where would you go this spring?Author: Lin Qinglu, more scenic spots, free, pension tourism information, follow me can be obtained