People’s financial review: how to turn waste into treasure, this opinion gives a clear answer

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By 2025, a network system for recycling waste materials will be basically established, and more than 1,000 green sorting centers will be built.Recycling of nine major renewable resources, including iron and steel scrap and copper scrap, reached 450 million tons.Some 60 large and medium-sized cities took the lead in establishing basically complete recycling systems for used materials…The National Development and Reform Commission and other departments recently issued a guideline on speeding up the construction of the recycling system of waste materials (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions), proposing six items and 16 measures, putting forward the general requirements and “roadmap” for China to accelerate the construction of the recycling system of waste materials.In the daily production and operation of enterprises and consumption of residents, a large number of waste materials will be produced.With China’s population of more than 1.4 billion and over 150 million market entities, the amount of waste materials produced every year is very huge.Diligence and frugality is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation.This was the case in the hard times in the past, but now living conditions are better, and the good habit of cherishing material resources still needs to be maintained.It is particularly important to protect the ecological environment and adhere to the green development is the meaning of high-quality development. At the moment when China puts forward the carbon peak carbon neutralization task goal, it is of great significance to make full use of waste materials.Accelerating the construction of recycling system of waste materials is helpful to improve the level of resource recycling.Waste materials are not only huge in quantity, but also involved in a wide range.In the past, many waste materials were treated as waste materials. In this process, on the one hand, because they were mixed with real waste, part of the waste materials were “polluted” and lost the value of reuse;On the other hand, ordinary waste disposal institutions and personnel are not fully equipped with professional disposal capacity of waste materials, and cannot be safe and thorough in the process of sorting and processing, resulting in the recovery and utilization of waste materials is difficult to achieve full efficiency.In view of this, the Opinions put forward that it is necessary to rationally arrange waste materials recycling stations, strengthen the standardized construction of waste materials sorting centers, promote the specialization of waste materials recycling, promote the agglomeration development of renewable resources processing and utilization industry, and improve the technological level of renewable resources processing and utilization.Through the integration of resources, scientific layout, and strengthening the professional scale, the operation efficiency of the whole waste materials recycling system reaches a higher level.Accelerating the construction of recycling system of waste materials is conducive to improving the capacity of resource security.As a country with the largest population and manufacturing scale in the world, China’s per capita natural resource ownership is lower than the world average.The objective situation of being both a “big developing country” and a “small resource country” requires us not to be extravagant in the use of resources, but to make the best use of resources, make careful calculations and reduce waste.For example, according to statistics, China will produce nearly 3 million old shared bikes every year. If these old bikes can be recycled, they will reduce at least 110,000 tons of bauxite mining, reduce vegetation destruction of 170,000 square meters, and reduce carbon emissions of 580,000 tons.By fully exploiting the recycling potential of waste materials, it can save a lot of resources and relieve the pressure faced by the supply chain of resource products in China, which is of great significance to improve the capability of resource security in China.Accelerating the construction of recycling system of waste materials is inseparable from government guidance and market dominance.The Opinions put forward that the high-quality development of remanufacturing industry can be promoted by strengthening factors guarantee, increasing investment fiscal and tax policy support, strengthening industry supervision and management, improving statistical system, enriching second-hand commodity trading channels and improving second-hand commodity trading management system.At the same time, the opinions stressed the need to improve the information level of the waste materials recycling industry.By introducing advanced science and technology, the recycling of waste materials will be more orderly, accurate and efficient.Such a close combination of “visible hand” and “invisible hand” and coordination and cooperation will better improve the policy guarantee system for recycling waste materials.The task is arduous and the future is bright.As long as we are complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote the development of high quality, down-to-earth, and to scientific, earnestly implement, we will be able to help bring good waste materials recycling system construction in our country, promote the whole society to a comprehensive resource utilization efficiency, achieving carbon reach peak carbon neutral provide strong driving force.