Nanjing police killed two criminal gangs selling mobile phone positioning software!

2022-06-04 0 By

Terrible!!!!!When someone is using a mobile phone, his real-time location, call history, SMS content is actually synchronized to another mobile phone!!This isn’t a movie!Someone accidentally clicked the so-called “red envelope”, easily fell into the trap of lawless elements.Police in Nanjing, Capital of East China’s Jiangsu Province, have cracked two cases of mobile phone surveillance software stealing personal information in a special operation called “Jingnet 2021” and busted two criminal gangs selling location software.In 2021, Nanjing Network police found that some criminals sold citizens’ real-time location and other sensitive private information on the Internet, with very bad influence.Nanjing Network police immediately filed a case for investigation, followed the line dug out more than 20 suspicious websites, and finally locked 2 suspects, and successfully carried out the arrest.After investigation, suspects such as Xie mou applied for more than 20 domain names to build websites, at the same time through the public number to provide victim positioning buyers.Until the case, Xie and others illegally obtained information such as the location of citizens amounted to more than 150,000 pieces, involving a total amount of more than 1.5 million yuan.Modus operandi 1 “buyers” with bad intentions register and make payments on these illegal websites and public accounts.They then follow the system’s prompts to disguise the links with location functions as hot news or wechat red envelopes and send them to the “targeted people” through wechat, QQ, SMS and other forms.After clicking the news link or red envelope link, the “targeted person” will receive the prompt “need to obtain your location”.Once agreed, the server will automatically collect the latitude, longitude and IP address.3 Then, the “buyer” can log in his own account in the website and see the location of the “targeted person”.4 As long as you agree once, the confirmation box will not pop up when you open the news or red envelope link later, and the “buyer” can directly obtain the location of the targeted person.After further digging and expanding the line, in July 2021, Nanjing Network security again captured 2 people using illegal APP software to steal the location of the victim’s mobile phone, call records, SMS suspects.Since its launch in June 2020, the software has registered more than 10,000 members in less than a year, with extremely bad influence.At present, four suspects involved in the case have been taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law, and are awaiting transfer for prosecution.The police remind according to the relevant provisions of China’s laws, illegally obtain, sell or provide other people’s track information more than 50, that is, serious circumstances should be investigated for criminal responsibility, do not try the law.At the same time, please the majority of netizens shine their eyes, carefully click on the unknown red envelope, link, for authorization to obtain mobile phone location, content request, must be carefully screened, to avoid falling into the trap.(Source: Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security)