Move, run, do

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Xinhua News Agency on February 7, yantai, a construction machinery production enterprises, workers in the production workshop busy.Editor’s note Strive for early spring, innovation to the future.The Spring Festival holiday ended, the first day of construction, all parts of our province to muster energy, work hard, with “start is sprint, the beginning is decisive battle” attitude of forging ahead, to meet the New Year’s work.On February 7, the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, in Jinan Furdi industrial project site, a guarantee of enterprise employment will be carried out on the spot.The four-level public employment service agencies from the city, district, street and village worked together on site to solve employment problems for BYD Jinan project.In August 2021, Jinan Municipal Government signed a cooperation agreement with BYD Company Limited.In August 2021, FORdi battery, a battery unit of BYD, settled in Jinan.The chips, batteries and vehicle manufacturing that BYD has settled in Jinan are almost all the core links of the whole industrial chain. At present, three production lines are under construction and will be put into production in the second half of this year.At that time, it is expected to employ about 25,000 workers, including about 15,000 general workers and technicians, and the demand for labor is facing a large gap.After the Spring Festival holiday, it is the peak time for enterprises to employ workers and also the golden time for local workers to find jobs nearby.To make full use of the favorable opportunity, on my first day after the lunar New Year holiday, jinan city, district, street, human resources and social security bureau organization and village level public employment service agencies, advance will work at site, the field looked at jinan, di industry, the progress of the project build platform, strong service and promote the match, fully guarantee key enterprise employee.”Byd is a key project of the provinces and cities, which is relatively close to our village.”Licheng District Road Road Zhujia village party branch secretary Liu Kai introduced, before the festival, they returned to the employment intention of personnel survey, through the party branch lead the labor service company, the village surplus labor transport to the door of the enterprise work.Many other districts and counties introduced local human resources supply, centralized recruitment plan after the holiday, and measures to ensure the employment of key projects.Zhaopin, Qilu Talent, Jinan Dongming and Jinan Zhonghao have also combined their own advantages to come up with ideas and measures to provide targeted safeguard measures.Weihai China merchants task quarterly assessment of bright red and yellow ones on February 7th afternoon, weihai at the city’s investment promotion and capital introduction and project construction GongJianNian advance will, established in 2022 as a “GongJianNian investment and construction projects”, and decided in the city’s investment promotion and capital introduction competition, quarterly assessment department of city and straight investment task progress and result for advanced by the red flag,Bright yellow flag against backward.From this year, Weihai will implement the “4000+” action of attracting investment, that is, by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the total capital attracted by the city will break through 400 billion yuan.Indicators can not only stay on paper, Weihai will be refined and decomposed these indicators, and through the form of competition to promote the implementation.For each district and the precision investment department, Weihai set up target enterprises, new projects, investment activities three books, monthly scheduling, quarterly assessment, advanced red flag, bright yellow flag, city leaders to the main person in charge of interviews;For the investment promotion service department, each department shall collect and contact no less than 10 pieces of valuable investment promotion information within a year, and independently plan and carry out service enterprise activities based on its own functions.Weihai precision, investment promotion offensive, and promote the industry department in charge of strengthen the new energy, health, digital economy “four new” economic investment hot spots, such as study, classify the research to support policies, guide the district city dislocation competition, complementary advantages, cities and counties should be timely established two levels of special work team, the key industry for promoting investment.Focusing on “how to recruit”, Weihai will carry out the “five ten” selection activities for the first time, to select the annual ten investment partners, ten investment contribution enterprises, ten honorary citizens, ten investment excellent cadres, ten investment quality projects, to create a strong atmosphere of caring, participating and supporting investment work in the whole society.Kenli to eliminate the gas into the production construction line “this is our company annual output of 420,000 tons of high-performance resin project phase, now 18 main individual has all completed the construction, the supporting facilities are also stepping up the construction, put into operation is just around the corner.”February 7, the first day of the Spring Festival, in Dongying City kenli District Shengtuo Town Shandong Aimont new materials Company annual output of 420,000 tons of high-performance resin project site, the company’s general manager Huang Jie told reporters.The company’s annual output of 420,000 tons of high-performance resin project is a major project in our province, the project will become the country’s largest production capacity, the most comprehensive variety, the most advanced technology of special high-end resin production base, can achieve annual sales revenue of 8 billion yuan.The first day after the festival, Kenli district quickly dispelled the year, there are 40 enterprises to resume production smoothly.Morning of February 7, 2022 work in our province mobilization meeting, the deployment of dongying city immediately after the meeting to carry out the leading cadre “to go at the grass-roots level, into the enterprise” activities, municipal leaders sinking to the five counties, two city development zone and 29 province Yellow River delta farming high area of municipal key enterprises, to develop high quality in the city “policy package” to send the door, listen to business advice,Helping to bail out companies;All counties and districts, municipal development zones and municipal departments and units organize leading officials to conduct timely investigations and visits in light of their actual work, and go to the grassroots to solve problems, do practical things, promote development, and benefit the people.Qingyun “receive micro morning meeting” power fast cut to the state of work “originally thought today the first day to work, may not be able to handle real estate registration business, did not expect not only fast processing, service is so good.On February 7, the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, in the office hall of qingyun County government service center, jin Jianpeng, the first to handle business, said with a smile on his face.Subsequently, traffic violation processing, real estate registration, enterprise opening and other Windows have ushered in the masses for business.”This morning alone, more than 100 people came to handle it, and it was busy until nearly 12 o ‘clock.”Hall management section chief Zhang Wanshun said that the staff arrived at their posts before 8:30 a.m., as soon as they arrived to handle business for the public in full spirit.Qingyun county party cadres quickly from “holiday status” to “working status”.In order to quickly and efficiently provide services for the masses, qingyun township (streets), units and departments called cadres to hold a “small morning meeting”, guide cadres and workers to adjust their mentality in a timely manner, gather together, to ensure that the work standard after the festival is not reduced, the quality is not decreased, service to keep up.