Longnan high quality agricultural products help Qingdao fight the epidemic

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This network reporter Cheng Jian correspondent Wang Fang qinglong a family, concentric war epidemic.After the outbreak of the epidemic in Qingdao, the Longnan Municipal Party Committee and The Municipal government made urgent arrangements, and the counties and districts actively cooperated in raising funds. Carloads of love and care for the people of Longnan and Qingdao arrived in Qingdao one after another.Thousands of miles to the shore of the Yellow Sea, green long hand in hand to overcome difficulties.”It’s 500 cases in seven hours, which is double my usual workload.”In the workshop of Xihe County Gansu Longfen Agricultural Development Co., LTD., weighing, packaging, sealing, boxing this procedural work, in the hands of Fan Tingting.Fan Tingting, an employee of Gansu Longfen Agricultural Development Co., LTD., is packing vermilion noodles before they are sent to Qingdao.Recently, Qingdao has been threatened by COVID-19. People from all walks of life in Southern Gansu have paid close attention to Qingdao and supported it in various ways to fight the epidemic.”The mood is more urgent, the hand is not naturally fast up.”Fan Tingting told reporters that according to the company’s original production plan, Saturday and Sunday should be off, but we received the news to prepare a batch of materials for Qingdao, everyone came in time.”In order to get the noodles sent out as soon as possible, our workshop workers have been busy at their posts since 9 am and had a 15-minute break for lunch,” she said.After several hours of continuous work, Fan Tingting’s body is also a little unable to support, “tired heart is not tired, I hope Qingdao’s citizens can eat our west and vermicelle as soon as possible, for them to overcome the difficulties as soon as possible to add strength.”Fan said.At the same time, in the workshop of Xihe County Runquan Food Co., LTD., dozens of workers divided the division of labor in an orderly way, the sound of tape sealing boxes one after another, 1000 boxes of coarse grain noodles are being packed.In TANchang County, southwest of Xihe County, THE Hadapu Association and Lichuan Fengda Cooperative have been working overtime since the early morning of November 11 to process and package the standardized Chinese medicinal materials radix astragali, Dangshen, Radix astragali tea and Wubao tea.According to Zhang Zhaoxiang, head of TANchang County’s Business Bureau, TANchang County actively organized TANchang Farmers’ Professional Cooperative of Dashan Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bali Township, Hadadu Association and Richuan Fengda Cooperative to donate 300 pieces of anti-EPIDEMIC materials such as Astragalus tea and Wubao tea to Qingdao.He said, “WE hope that in the critical period of fighting against the epidemic, the high-quality medicinal materials produced by Our company can bring peace, warmth and confidence to Qingdao people.”High mountains and long waters make deep friendship.At present, The epidemic prevention and control work in Qingdao is in a critical period of racing against time and battling the disease.Qingdao epidemic time affects longnan municipal party committee, municipal government and the city’s people’s hearts, in order to fully support the Qingdao people’s fight against new outbreaks, longnan give full play to its geographical advantages, emergency organization raise west and vermicelli, grains each 2000 cases and 1000 cartons of dried noodle, down chang 300 cases, astragalus root tea, sweet tea rescue of Qingdao, common outbreak.”When drinking water, remember the source. Qingdao has helped us tide over many difficulties since pairing up to help. Now it is a critical moment for Qingdao to fight against the epidemic.Gansu longfen agricultural development Limited company in charge lu Tianfu said.From receiving the notice to contacting enterprises to prepare supplies and transport vehicles, Liu Chongming, the director of xihe County’s commerce bureau, was working around the clock and had no spare time to rest.”If the materials can arrive in Qingdao one day earlier, they can play a role earlier.”Liu said the supplies prepared by Xihe county are all certified and of high quality. “We will try our best to bring the best to the table of Qingdao people,” he said.Qinglong concentric, mountain and sea deep.In recent years, in the work of poverty alleviation, flood fighting and epidemic prevention and control in Longnan, the people of Qingdao have come to the rescue with great care and support, and jointly composed the “love between mountains and seas” of concerted development. Longnan has a strong friendship in mind and is grateful.In the fight against the epidemic, Longnan will stand shoulder to shoulder with Qingdao and do its best to help Qingdao defeat the epidemic and write a new chapter of cooperation between eastern and western regions.At 3:30 on The morning of March 12, after being loaded with anti-epidemic materials from Tangchang, the truck loaded with friendship of the people of Longnan slowly drove out of Xihe county and headed for Qingdao, nearly 1,600 kilometers away.Spring has come, flowers have opened, the epidemic will end, qinglong hand in hand with no “end”.