In 2022, pu ‘er City CPPCC “Shuxiang CPPCC” promotion Meeting was held

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On January 29, the 2022 “Shuxiang CPPCC” promotion meeting of Pu ‘er City was held.The meeting conveyed the spirit of learning from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s recent important speeches, the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the second plenary session of the 11th Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the spirit of the provincial “two sessions”, and arranged the work of the “scholarly CPPCC”.Municipal CPPCC Party secretary, chairman candidate Lu Ping attended the meeting and spoke;Municipal CPPCC vice chairman Yao Shun, Shi Yue, Wang Xuewen, Dao Feng, vice chairman candidate Zuo Yongping, secretary General Wang Guobin attended the meeting.Shi Yue presided over the meeting.Bdo pointed out that to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary in the 19th session of the sixth session of central discipline inspection commission important speech spirit, as well as the second plenary session of the 11th ShengJiWei work requirements, adhere to the comprehensive governing party strategy, insist on not rot, not rot and decay don’t want to push, punishing deterrent, institutional constraints, raise awareness,We will unswervingly deepen efforts to improve Party conduct, clean government and fight corruption.Bdo stressed that all the cadres and workers to adhere to the CPPCC case for change, firmly support and support the provincial commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee investigation Wei Yihong Zhang Shanqiang case, resolutely eliminate FKK pernicious influence, take concrete actions to interpret loyalty, clean, bear, stand firm and hold on to the bottom line, honest, and to reconstruct the wind clear gas is politics.We need to improve our work style, summon up energy, invigorate our energy, give full play to our strengths, and make every effort to enhance the CPPCC’s ability to perform its work and duties, so as to present a new look for the CPPCC in the new era.We should make unremitting efforts to promote the standardization and normalization of the CPPCC, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the CPPCC’s emphasis on learning, and take the CPPCC as an important way to strengthen learning, enhance capacity, and promote work.To civilized festivals, government officials must establish a correct and rational concept of consumption and human feelings, cultivate healthy and civilized living habits, consciously resist bad social customs, and strive to create a healthy, civilized and peaceful festival atmosphere.They should stick to their posts, effectively strengthen the work of festival service and guarantee, implement epidemic prevention and control and emergency guard requirements, ensure the orderly operation of all work, and effectively do a good job of security and stability during the festival.The meeting read out the “Book incense CPPCC” reading activity proposal, to further do a good job of network information security work put forward requirements.(Source: Pu ‘er Daily, Reporter: Guo Chunxiang, Editor: Ruan Linjia)