Fujian ear music production analysis in vocal music singing perception aesthetic object training

2022-06-04 0 By

In vocal singing, the melody, rhythm, mode and timbre of a work.Elements are aesthetic objects, in addition to the works to express the musical image is also aesthetic objects.In the face of these aesthetic objects, how can the singer improve the perception of aesthetic objects?The first thing to do is to read music seriously, when you get the work.Only by mastering the basic knowledge of melody, speed, strength and so on in the whole work and achieving accurate score recognition can we lay a good foundation for the next step of study.Second, the vocal music art image, whether people or animals are portrayed through song, we call the vocal music art image refers to the artistic image through music of language in the song, the music image with a vivid expression, the singer’s depiction of the image, through the voice message after can mobilize the listener’s imagination,To create a mental image of the music the singer wants to express.