Zhang Yixing announces contract with SM Entertainment, changes his Weibo name back to “Zhang Yixing”

2022-06-03 0 By

Zhang Yixing made a post on social media on April 8 announcing the end of his contract with SOUTH Korean company SM Entertainment Co., LTD. He changed his weibo name from “Try hard, try hard X” to his real name.Zhang Yixing’s studio also posted on weibo: “Hello @Zhang Yixing.””More than a decade is a pretty exaggerated unit of time,” Zhang said in the article.But when it comes to the end of the contract with SM, looking back more than ten years really seems like a blink of an eye.I went from just joining the company as a kid to the 30-year-old I am today.”Zhang yixing and SM Entertainment have split amicably this time.”It was completed in July, when the 10-year contract expired, but the friendship has always been there, the years of growing up together,” Zhang said in the post.In the long post, he also mentioned EXO members and fans who have accompanied and understood him for more than a decade. “I will always remember the day when I officially debuted as a member of EXO on April 8, 2012. I will always remember the small practice room of SM where my brothers and I spent many years of youth.”