Traffic police investigate illegal overcrowding during Spring Festival travel

2022-06-03 0 By

Lunar New Year holiday without the relatives and friends is car became one of the most common way to travel quite a lot of drivers think distance is not far, crowded a crowded there can not only reduce the number of shipping, and can save cost for granted, but ignore the danger in the event of accidents, consequences for practical travel road traffic safety management work,Effective prevention and reduction of road traffic accidents, to ensure that the masses spent a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, in recent days, the traffic management brigade of The Public Security Bureau of Zharet Banner in Xingan League closely combined with the actual circumstances of the district, carefully organized deployment, all staff on the road, solid to carry out the special rectification of traffic violations.At about 9:00 a.m. on January 21, xin Lin Traffic Control Squadron of Jalai Banner Traffic Management Brigade was on patrol in the district when a small car with license plate number BLACK AA96** was found to be moving slowly with abnormal track and suspected of overloading.After verification, the car verified the number of passengers 5 people, the actual number of passengers 6 people, overmanned 1 people, there is a great potential safety hazard.The traffic police carried out safety education to the driver and passengers, and in accordance with the laws and regulations, carried out corresponding punishment to the driver, supervised the overloading of people, and eliminated potential safety hazards.Xingunita traffic police tip: overmanned harm, safety can not “crowded”!After the vehicle overmanned, safety belt and other safety facilities cannot be guaranteed.In case of sudden situations such as sharp turning and braking, traffic accidents are easy to occur.At the same time, when the vehicle is overmanned, the load increases, the inertia increases, the braking distance lengthens, and the risk increases accordingly.Once an accident occurs, it is easy to cause casualties and the consequences are unimaginable.■ High energy throughout!At the same time, a man was fined 3,000 yuan and fined 12 points for using his car’s license plate at the same, ▎