Selling tiger meat?Duan mou, was placed on file for investigation!

2022-06-03 0 By

The image of tiger in everyone’s heart has always been the fierce king of beasts, the strength should not be underestimated. Every party is murderous, so big and powerful. However, just entering the year of the tiger, someone unexpectedly took up the idea of the tiger and sold tiger meat on the Internet.Netizens revealed that a doan man suspected in the network sales of livestock, tiger bone, tiger and leopard meat, leather, musk, and other products not only shows the suspected online photo of livestock, tiger, tiger bones and related products and livestock sale chat buyers ask livestock prices in the screenshots in chat who responded to the old price is 1000 yuan/jin the buyer then ordered 4And paid $40,000 to say,The person’s phone number belong to track for the henan jiaozuo activity in jiaozuo, QinYang series of video and image sparked a blame other people for killing or sell wildlife behavior puzzled both the ecological and personal health no eating meat were on the afternoon of February 2 henan QinYang municipal party committee propaganda department WeChat male number “QinYang release” said in a news release ▼ January 30The Public Security Bureau of Qinyang City received a public complaint that someone was selling tiger skin and meat online.The public security organs immediately launched an investigation.After investigation: Duan (male, Han nationality, now 43 years old, living in Qinyang, unemployed) to online shopping artificial feeding deer meat posing as tiger meat, to PS dog skin picture posing as tiger skin, download online pictures, fabricated chat records to release false information, to seek huge profits.Up to the case, no one fooled.At present, The Public security Bureau of Qinyang City suspected of illegal use of information network crime on file for investigation, the case is further handling.Even if you do not commit the crime of selling wild animals, you are suspected of fraud