Here is a platform to accompany you with your heart

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China has officially declared itself an aging society after the seventh national census.The elderly population reached 264 million, accounting for 18.7 percent of the population.The pension problem is looming large.In order to understand the many needs of the elderly, China Senior Network will continue to explore, and to solve the needs of the elderly as the driving force for future development, China Senior network emerged at the historic moment.Huaxia Senior network is a comprehensive intelligent voice public service platform to help the society solve the problem of elderly care.In response to the call of The Times, we will build the first multi-functional service platform specially designed to provide the elderly with clothing, food, housing, transportation, food, drink, play, music, medical treatment, health care, tourism, culture, entertainment, care, legal aid and other services.Through this platform, the elderly can meet their material, spiritual and life service needs, so that they can live a happy and carefree life in their old age with quality and dignity.The establishment of “Huaxia elderly network” is to serve every elderly, for our national pension enterprise to solve problems.China elderly network to solve what needs?To solve the material needs of the elderly: the elderly have the need to generate income and can choose to participate in online activities and offline social activities.Solve the spiritual needs of the elderly: solve loneliness, emptiness and fear.Watching videos, playing games, saving worry about buying goods, doing public welfare and other functions, so that the elderly can “learn and enjoy”.To solve the life needs of the elderly: The platform integrates life functions, including medical area, public service, legal aid, food, clothing, housing and transportation, eating and drinking, etc., and connects with professional businesses through the platform to meet life needs.3. Solve the living needs of the elderly and integrate the living functions into them.(Clothing, food, housing, transportation, legal aid, medical area, door-to-door service, tourism area for the elderly, etc.) Connect with professional businesses through the platform to solve problems for the elderly.Let full-time service personnel instead of children, accompany the elderly travel, medical services for the elderly, etc.1. Call on the whole society to jointly provide for the aged through the Platform of China Elderly Network.2. Through the creation of The Chinese elderly network, education for future generations, the Filial piety culture of the Chinese nation passed on.Comprehensive benefit society: The current situation of Chinese society urgently needs the emergence of intelligent platform to help the elderly.The elderly: to solve the material, spiritual, life and other needs of the elderly.Children: solve children’s worries, help children filial piety.Merchants: help cooperative merchants diversion fission, obtain established business interests.Employment: The platform will mobilize the whole society to pay attention to the elderly and promote more employment opportunities and jobs.