Golden Boyang magical home experience: like being held in the air by the motherland people

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Beijing, February 8 (Xinhua) — By Zhang Han, Zhao Xuetong and Wang ChunyanJin Boyang cried again.After skating his men’s short program on Sunday morning, the 24-year-old struggled to control his facial expressions, just as he did when he first competed at the Winter Olympics four years ago, but he could not hold back the tears.Jin Boyang of China is in tears after a competition on Feb 8.Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can photograph “I never cry normally, maybe I am emO (emotional) when I am in my room.”Jin Boyang, who is always optimistic and even funny, continued to talk hard to the reporter, “Maybe every competition will have such a feeling of release, as if I skate not only a song, but every day of hard training in the four years, every moment, every second, every fragment.”Kim Boyang finished fourth in men’s singles at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.Referring to the tears he shed in Pyeongchang four years ago, Kim boyang said it was the first time that he felt that many people had sacrificed a lot and lost a lot just to achieve you. He thought, “Why can’t I work harder? I have to practice even though I have teeth and blood in my mouth.Over the past four years, he has felt that his skill level in training is all right, but every time he competes, he is compromised and sometimes wonders why he failed.”Maybe no one can understand that. Outsiders only see your ranking.Today I played 90 percent of my normal training level, which is worth the effort, so I am very happy.””Added the two-time world championship bronze medalist.And compared several of Europe and the United States men’s “model worker”, gold dapao world championships last year failed to qualify the free error is fatal, and only take part in a grand prix this season and “not public” Asian cup tournament, his world ranking dropped before the Beijing Olympics in the 19th, led to his early group is very not ideal, short program in the first group fifth.Jin Boyang competes in the competition on Feb 8.Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiao but he after four years of old song new compiled this set of “crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” than before and after several programs advanced more than a grade, the opening hook around three weeks after the outer point ice jump for him to get 18.82 technical movement points, the second jump after the outer point ice around almost flawless.But he behind the Axel three weeks jump weeks insufficient, unstable ice and hand on the ice, the basis of the downgrade and the implementation of points inverted buckle, the loss is not small.He finished with 90.98 points, nearly seven points below his personal season best.The score led the men’s standings for nearly two hours as they were constantly updated.”In fact, I was in average condition today. The nerve mobilization and muscle explosion were not very good, but I felt less energy than usual when I jumped around the hook. It was incredible, like someone holding you in the air!I think it’s really the support of the people back home that helps me.”Jin Boyang said.Since September 2021, he shall, in accordance with the Olympic game schedule to arrange their own training, scientific training is the last winter games for almost two times, give yourself time to have a holiday in recent two years combined with only a week, the Beijing Olympics opening two weeks ago also experienced team tryouts two days than the devil, four sets of programs”That is much more tiring than the team competition and single skating in the Winter Olympics.”These are his “always believe that they can skate the best” confidence.Asked what “big trick” he had in mind during his free skate on The morning of October 10, Jin boyang said, “My big trick is to play my best steadily.”