Ding Chunqiu was imprisoned in Shaolin, but he indirectly killed Xu Zhu. What legacy did he leave behind

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“Tian Long Ba Bu” deserves the reputation of “jin Yong’s best work”, but after reading this work, there are still many doubts in my mind, and many suspense in the book has not been solved.Such as “free and unfettered was easy to which”, and “shaolin sweeping monk who lay identity is”, and “xiao han Chinese who is the master of the remote mountains”, etc., but too little information about the characters in the book, there is almost no discussion space, and must be mentioned in this paper is the story about the two main characters, namely ding spring and autumn period and falsely bamboo.At the end of the story, Ding is imprisoned in the Shaolin Temple, a merciful ending for such a villain, and given the details in the book, xu Zhu, the third-generation leader who subdued him and cleaned up the house of the Xiaoyao Sect, may have died because of him.A ding spring and autumn period, the evil spirit, too merciful end although “tian long ba bu” in a period of yanqing, leaf ErNian, yue Lao, cloud out from the four the wicked, but the stars “Johnson” ding spring and autumn period evil but did in the four big evil, of course, are a trash, than it is meaningless, but there is no doubt that the spring and autumn period and the hell.Ding Spring and Autumn this style has no lower limit, early worship without cliff son as a teacher, he was in order to cultivate free and unfetterly sent shengong teacher Li Qiushui persecution without cliff son, so that no cliff son became disabled.Then he founded the stars, it is a human scum collection and send all of those who, in the rules of the upper is capable of, no matter use what means, even if it’s stuff out, also tacitly ding spring and autumn period, the o purple will become a little evil female appearance, also how much is affected by ding spring and autumn period and the other disciples gate.Ding Chunqiu’s evil is not only how bad he is, but also that he created more despicable human scum like him. However, such a heinous person can finally live in the Shaolin Temple.After Xuzhu subdue Ding with the charm of life and death, the old devil is imprisoned in the Shaolin Temple, and what the Shaolin Temple did to him afterward is not clear in the book.Two, the head of the carefree school Virtual bamboo, why did not complete the inheritance of the school?As the head of the free and unfettered party, Virtual bamboo uniform Ding Spring and Autumn is really clean up the door, but in other words, virtual bamboo as the head of the free and unfettered party, but failed to complete the inheritance of the free and unfettered party, this thing is not strange?Why does xu Zhu not pass down the Carefree Party?It’s very simple. What do the wulin figures in The Legend of the Condor Heroes think of the virtual bamboo?New repair edition “shoot diao hero biography” 12th way: “the northern Song dynasty years, the Gai gang advocate Xiao Feng with this invite dou the world hero, very few people can block his three moves two type, gas cover when the world, group hao tied hands.At that time, there were a total of ‘Dragon 28 palms’, after Xiao Feng and his adopted brother Xu Bamboo cut the simplified, the essence of the macro, changed to dragon 18 palms, palm strength thicker.”The significance of this passage lies in that it proves that “Tian Long Ba Bu” and “The Shooting and Carving Trilogy” are in the same world view. Just because of this, there are legends of virtual bamboo in later generations, but there is no Xiaoyao School, so the Xiaoyao School naturally died out.But tong Mu once said, no yachi deep internal force, not scattered work will be extremely difficult to die, and virtual bamboo internal force is still on the yachi, but he can set the free three old force in a body, how can he die easily?But if Xu Zhu was alive, how could he not inherit the Xiaoyao School?Is there a possibility that Xu Zhu died abnormally, such as “going astray”, and the book is really buried under the relevant foetus, and xu Zhu’s death is really related to the “ding Spring and Autumn heritage”.What is the legacy of Ding Chunqiu?Sacred wood tripod?That thing for virtual bamboo can have no use, virtual bamboo also disdained to practice ding old strange that poison, and the author refers to the “Ding Spring and Autumn heritage” is actually his descendants.As mentioned above, all the members of the Star School are scum, and it is common for them to quarrel with each other. For example, this description in the book shows their ruthlessness intuitively:She was surprised to see That Ah Zi had become a persecutor of meat and was trying to show off her kung fu, forcing the green fire to circle around her face. She was so frightened that she screamed loudly and took her life after showing off her power in front of the door. It was really unexpected that she had such powerful internal forces at her young age.After master has taught them the martial arts of the Star School, each of them will practice them by himself. No one knows what his attainment is, before he fights with his enemy or cuts himself with his own clan.”So after Old Ding was locked up in Shaolin, where did the old star Faction go?The answer is with Virtual bamboo, for virtual bamboo, he naturally wants to influence this group of evil, but before he influence this group of evil, he is very likely to have been “corrupted” by this group of evil, you see virtual bamboo in shaoshuishan after listening to their touted is how to understand.At that time, xu Zhu overthrew old Ding, and these villains immediately turned their back on him. The original text says: “When the gong and drum sounded, all the gatekeepers began to sing loudly: ‘Master Of the Spirit Vulture, you are in harmony with the heaven and earth, and your power is as powerful as ever.The words and phrases of the melody are exactly the same as those of “Ode to the Star Fairy”, except that the words of “Star Fairy” are changed to “Lord of the Vulture”.Although xu Zhu is simple, she can’t help but feel a little elated when she is praised by the astral gatekeeper.”This is not to blame Xu Zhu, he is as white as a sheet of paper, naturally, close to the sun, close to the ink, black, as time passes, he will inevitably lose himself because of these shameless praise, and once he lost himself, no longer compassionate, he will not be far from going astray.The sweeping monk once mentioned the “martial arts barrier” in the Sutra Cabinet: “Only the higher the Buddha dharma, the more rich the idea of compassion, the more martial arts and stunts can be practiced, but as a monk who has reached such a state, he disdains to learn more powerful methods of killing people.”Sweeping monk (still) he said that although is not falsely bamboo heard, but it is the objective laws in the jin yong’s martial arts world view, if a man has no corresponding to dissolve the dhamma of kung fu, will accumulate rage, over time will average computer-virus, light power loss, lost their lives or, the doves by the wisdom of experience will prove sweeping monk.And from the virtual bamboo later will not be at large party inheritance, he is mostly not jiu Mozhi so lucky, is finally left by ding old strange to the evil to bewitch, and then went astray and died.So the person or can not be too “arbitrary good man”, Xu Zhu should have ding Spring and Autumn taught those villains together uniform, and then shut into the Shaolin temple, so perhaps can pass down the carefree school, “Shooting eagle” era of the story is more wonderful.