Yao Yang refused to SOLO six tail, outspoken 2W1 boast, was micro cool demon knife dozen explosion is not enough?

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Often watch live friends should know that the recent rise in canine teeth there was a king glory anchor quickly, he is “keyboard” yao Yang, a while ago to fame after his with demon knife solo, then like discovered the new world began solo crazy and all kinds of people, also challenge the peak great god cool, although ending in failure,But he’s also getting a lot of attention.Recently Yao Yang has expanded, the thing is like this, on February 8 night when he live and passers-by a hundred miles to keep about SOLO, after winning a floating, the next afternoon in the rounds just saw six tail live, six tail was using Marco Polo, after watching his operation Yao Yang said: 2W1 a little boast?Or a little bit of heat, this wave for me to double!Then he commented on the timing of the six tail big move is not right, this equipment for him to operate has killed four, and threatened to offer six tail with the strongest 100 li about SOLO a game.That Yao Yang came to check, six tail also said unceremoniously: the son to see me?Bullet screen is full of “yizi”, it seems that even the fans like to ridicule Yao Yang ah, so yao Yang called me not to face?May be in order to find the field, Yao Yang without words dialed the six tail phone, and said to entertain him a few bureau.Received Yao Yang suddenly invited, six tail is also a little meng, coupled with Yao Yang’s words claiming to be very strong, let him come up with the strongest fighting force 100 li shouyao to play, the six tail to the whole empty, frankly their pressure is a little big, usually few SOLO, but also very modest that their 100 li shouyao is not so strong!But in the end he did not refuse, after accepting the challenge, the final two people will be confirmed in February 12 at 13 o ‘clock in the afternoon of a game of four wins in seven hundred mile defense SOLO game!It is worth mentioning that Yao Yang’s this move is also questioned by water friends whether there is a script, but he himself responded that I have not played you say my script, if five to five, I won the opponent 4-0 that may be the script, but SOLO you have to see me play again ah?There are many netizens ridicule Yao Yang, was the demon knife, small cool dozen explosion is not enough?Maybe you want to get your ass kicked again.Yao Yang responded: this time he will seriously play, the front of the demon knife and small cool pressure can not tower, but finally lost, so this is his bloody shame of the first war, will come up with full strength!Small dou summary: have to say that Yao Yang this “mouth hi” ability is really outstanding, the first time to see the water friends estimated to believe, no wonder the popularity rose so fast ah!And I can see that the tiger teeth are holding Yao Yang, quite catch up with Lv Dehua’s situation, this time he can reverse attack to defeat six tail?Wait and see!