Tiger Roaring in the Museum

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In the year of the Tiger, please follow the reporter’s lens and go to see the “star tiger” in xi ‘an Museum. Let’s add strength and prosperity to the tiger!Speaking of tiger-head hats, they must be lovely things for children to grow up with.However, when you see the tang dynasty tricolor warrior wearing a tiger hat, will you be extremely surprised?Wearing a tiger hat, he is less mysterious, more kind.I saw him with one hand akimbo, one hand clenched fist, protruding eyes closed mouth, wearing armor clothes, foot boots, tall and straight body, each part of the convex convex, reappearing the tang Dynasty warriors vigorous spirit.The appearance is decorated with green, brown, white three kinds of glaze color, bright color, realistic techniques, tiger head war hat ribbon cross, below is the shape of tiger claw, rich imagination, lifelike.The facial depiction of the characters is accurate and vivid, which highlights the inner psychology of the characters and has strong artistic appeal.Wearing the mighty tiger hat symbolizes staying away from the evil virus, children grow up healthy and healthy, warriors defeat the enemy, from children to warriors, small tiger hat is carrying the care of parents and elders, lasting for thousands of years unchanged.”I belong to the year of the tiger. This year is my birth year.””We’re going to have a cute baby tiger in our family!The Chinese zodiac is a wonderful idea, everyone can find their own totem of life, everyone has their own “spirit animal”.The twelve zodiac figurines are lively and playful with various forms, including standing posture and sitting posture.Some are the head of the human zodiac;Some of the figures have zodiac signs, that is, 12 animals with their front feet on the head and their back feet on the shoulders.Others are people holding zodiac signs.You see, this is one of the best works of people holding the Chinese zodiac, one of the twelve figurines of women in waiting — the Ming Dynasty three-color statue of a female holding a tiger.Qingqing son jin, leisurely my heart.The woman in front of her was wearing green clothes on the left side and yellow skirt on the lower side. Her hair was tied up in a high bun. Her face was delicate and gentle, and her hands were gently holding a baby tiger.This is a piece full of strong grassland style utensils — the warring States period tiger ox fighting hollow rectangular ornaments.A tiger and a cow in the fight of life and death, fighting strength in this narrow space appears more intense stimulation.The tiger lunges forward, clawing at the bull’s neck, and the bull raises its front legs and pushes back its hind legs, pushing its horns against the butting tiger’s lower jaw.Between the two phases of struggle, the intrepid power of the tiger, the stubborn character of the cattle are displayed incisively and vividly.This picture of fighting, realistic manner, lifelike, telling the imposing manner of the mighty mighty, indomitable spirit, strong physique……Hollow out looking back on the Golden Tiger – the Warring States golden Tiger look back on the wind this vivid hollow out, from the Warring States period, for gold, the whole body hollow.Tiger makes look back shape, broad mouth yi tooth, round eye wide nose, big ear becomes tilted, long tail returns to roll, body main line is drawn with cirrus cloud convex line, tiger body is decorated with fish seed grain algae, modelling is simple and simple.It does not show teeth and claws, but it is majestic, calm and powerful.Look closely at the tiger’s eyes, sharp enough to have a shocking effect.This shining appearance of the golden tiger, is a symbol of justice, courage, majesty, perfect interpretation of the “tiger tiger alive”!”Touch the tiger’s head and have enough to eat and wear!Touch the tail of the tiger to ward off evil spirits!”Let the tiger in these cultural relics become the patron saint of peace and health for you and me, so that every day of the Year of The Tiger of Ren Yin is happy and safe.Xi ‘an City Culture Communication Studio Wang Weijia Photo: Xi ‘an Museum Photo editor: Zhiyi Review: Tianyi Produced by xi ‘an Press Media Group Xi ‘an Press · Xi ‘an Daily All rights reserved