Jiulong Lake in Nanchang: How to build the future of raw rice area

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Nanchang Jiulong Lake has developed for so many years and achieved remarkable results.Today, we discuss the future positioning and development direction of jiulonghu New Town raw rice area.According to the positioning of Shengmi Area in Honggu Beach Area, we know that: Shengmi Area vigorously develops the digital economy led by VR, relying on VR Science and Technology Innovation City, Sunac Culture and Tourism City, binjiang Hot Spring City, etc.Relying on cultural projects such as Poly Grand Theater and district-level cultural center, accelerate the development of cultural industry creativity, tourism and vacation, medium and high-end business and other service forms, and actively develop hot spring health preservation and health care industry;Give full play to the advantages of the ancient town for thousands of years, improve the environment of the town in an all-round way, and build a characteristic town integrating urban agriculture, tourism and vacation, leisure and residence.(Huawei, Beihang And Ali, three leading VR industry enterprises, have settled in VR Science and Technology Innovation City) Greenland VR Science and Technology Innovation City was born after undertaking nanchang VR industry. It is not only the permanent venue of the World VR Conference, but also a large number of cutting-edge enterprises such as Huawei, Ali and National Education and Training Base.In the future, nanchang’s top high-tech enterprises will work here, and the talent gathering place is the center of a city, which is a high-quality head asset.Nanchang Sunac Cultural tourism City is located in Jiulonghu New Town, with a total investment of about 40 billion YUAN, including about 21 billion yuan for cultural tourism projects. It covers an area of about 4170 mu with a total construction area of about 4.75 million square meters.The project planning includes culture, tourism, business, hotel and lakeside bar street, mainly indoor projects.Cultural programs include stage show, Nanchang Sunac Movie World, Movie City, etc.Tours include indoor Nanchang Sunac Sea World and outdoor theme Park:Designed by TVS, a world-renowned American company, the indoor Sunac Sea World is equipped with six theme exhibition areas, including ocean Theater, Children’s Ocean Science Experience Center, cold water Ocean, tropical Ocean and 360° ball screen movie, which will leave unforgettable experience for tourists of all ages and become a good place for leisure and vacation.Brigitte guangxi river’s hot springs is located in jiulong lake garden rail transit line 2 DaGang station (melting and alum), project covers an area of about 800 acres of urban context, which contains about 300000 urban complex hot springs, “hot spring culture” as the core, collection hot spring water paradise, hot springs hotel, hot spring characteristic streets, hot spring, office and business at the forefront of commerce.Poly Grand Theater is positioned as a comprehensive large-scale first-class theater, the largest theater in the province, with a total investment of about 1.2 billion YUAN. It plans to build an art complex project with the grand Theater as the core and art style commercial street as one.After completion, the grand Theater can accommodate 1,700 people at the same time, and it can organize performances for no less than 120 times each year, with an estimated annual audience of about 120,000 people.From the point of view of function range, the whole theater is divided into three modules, including the big theater, small theater and cultural and educational function places, to create a flexible space, so as to meet the needs of different functions.Honggutan District Culture and Art Center is located in the beautiful Jiulong Lake, with a construction land area of 33.4 mu.The planned building area is 22227.27㎡ (library 3045.85㎡, art museum 3006.14㎡, art museum 8000.48㎡, performance hall 3670.46㎡, culture/science/museum 4504.34㎡.Shengmi Old Street is about 4-5 meters wide and more than 1000 meters long. The streets are paved with different sizes of hemp stone strips (blocks).The repeated footsteps of countless predecessors have polished and lubricated the marble pavement, which is enough to prove the antiquity and vicissitudes of this street.And the deep grooves in the middle of the road, the marks left by the wheelbarrow, once the only means of transportation.As time passes, the wheels roll out a deep groove in the shape of a line on the stone, which is the historical witness of Sheng mi Lao Jie, the more it proves the long history of Sheng mi Lao Jie.Source: Red Valley Beach fourteen five planning, network, and so on, subject to the final official announcement and actual landing!Compiled by the latest dynamic platform of Nanchang Jiulong Lake