‘Ford has always been doing really smart cars,’ Ms. Chen said. ‘I got the idea with EVOS.

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Recently, ford EVOS light Chaser began to be delivered. Have you received your car?I’m looking forward to it, too.Chen Anning said in an interview that international companies like Ford pay more attention to brand and experience, while in today’s intelligent development, I think ford EVOS Chater is just what Chen Anning said, they have been making truly intelligent products.The most attractive part of Ford EVOS Chaser is its strong sense of intelligence. It is powered by Ford’s SYNC+2.0 SmartLink system, which is more intelligent and advanced than the first generation. It not only has intelligent voice interaction, VPA SmartLink partner, face recognition and gesture recognition, etc.Also can realize take-out, booking tickets, quick payment and other quick operations.That is to say, when we are driving on the road, we can order food by voice operating system, and when we get home, the food will be delivered on time, not only without delay but also faster.The intelligent system of carrying on a large 27 inches is 4 k control screen, not only the driver to operate more convenient and faster, the co-pilot position a person also can set the screen navigation, through three refers to the function of the fly screen onto the middle of the screen, both from the driver control the trouble of the control panel, and further improve the safety.The Ford EVOS Light Chaser, so to speak, is one less thing to worry about.I also liked the ford EVOS Tracker’s 12.3-inch HD dashboard, which allows you to switch between themes, check fuel consumption, tire pressure, mileage, and, most importantly, information from Ford’s car-road Collaboration system.I heard about Ford’s vehicle-road coordination when I was watching Chen Anning’s interview, and I heard that it can realize real-time dialogue between cars and people. With it, we can receive traffic information and danger on the road ahead in real time when driving, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, and the auxiliary effect is very good.From ford EVOS chaser intelligent configuration can be seen, Chen Anning is true, high intelligence, new energy vehicles enjoy at the same time, fuel cars can also enjoy.Whether it is technology or quality, Ford cars never disappoint, coupled with strong after-sales service, people feel that this wave of purchase value.