Fact: How many interviews did Xiao Zhan wear a blue T-shirt

2022-06-02 0 By

On April 9, Xiao Zhan shared the shooting scene of “The Rest of my Life”!Break the news Gu Wei’s “obsession”, wear blue T – shirt fresh and handsome.How many interviews did Xiao Zhan take in a blue T-shirt?Make the most of everything, do not waste every makeup and hair, another day dominated by the interview.Xiao Zhan was caught doing a lot of interviews and videos while wearing this blue T-shirt!These days various media updates, as well as studio updates, these days of blue T-shirt interviews remind me of the day of “Jade Queen” dozens of interviews!I sat in a chair and was interviewed by many media.On April 9, netizen comment: Xiao Zhan wearing blue T-shirt is not fashionable but comfortable.Because besides attending a few activities, actually the dress collocation of xiao Zhan himself in private also has been very along with sex.Now the entertainment circle is not the original entertainment circle, now is not the strength with real talent can be prosperous times, want to let a person shine at the moment.Xiao Zhan wearing blue T-shirt is simply wearing, simple and even simple in the eyes of now, but wearing can not cover up temperament, unique temperament is not covered by dust.Xiao Zhan, Xiao Zhan’s clothes are particularly good, he is a special taste of man, even simple clothes he can wear a different taste, the audience especially like his clothes, really let a person never forget.Xiao Zhan is a hot star in the entertainment circle, the development of recent years is also very good, his clothing is also able to let a person shine at the moment, look at his wearing will give a person a very comfortable and natural feeling.You can stand out without wearing a flashy outfit.