C1 driver’s license had better not increase driving motorcycle license, the driver said: such as illegal points deducted when you will understand

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In some parts of the city, you can now drive a motorcycle, but you need a separate motorcycle license, and the motorcycle license will be tied to the C1 license!As for the C1 driving license and motorcycle license, many people are not clear about it, which has triggered many discussions in the society!Today, we mainly tell about is this aspect of content: C1 driver’s license had better not increase driving motorcycle license, driver: such as illegal deduction points when you will understand!Motorbikes used to be the main means of transportation in our country. Later, because of various reasons, the country had a “motorcycle ban” policy, and at that time the domestic motorcycles have disappeared!However, now “ban motorcycle order” somewhat loose, in part of the city or part of the place, or you can open a motorcycle!However, the country now for motorcycle control is very much, if you want to drive a motorcycle you must have a motorcycle driving license!When we get the motorcycle driving license, we need to bind it to C1!And this binding behavior, called motor vehicle driving license increase motorcycle!There are a lot of old drivers are so said, if the increase of driving up, said that the car and motorcycle are sharing 12 points, when the time comes, motorcycle traffic violations need to deduct points, the car has also need to deduct points, this 12 points is obviously not enough to deduct!In fact, the old drivers have a point. If they do not increase their driving license, does that mean that the car will get 12 points, and the motorcycle will also get 12 points?Many veteran drivers rely on their own experience to make recommendations, sometimes useful, sometimes nonsense.Drivers worry that if the two licenses are combined, it will be difficult for both cars and motorcycles to drive if the license of the car is revoked for violation of regulations, and the other way around, the result will be the same.So, many old drivers began to “think of a way”, can muddle through, in fact, not!First of all, I want to explain that the concerns of the drivers are completely correct!If you combine C1 and motorcycle licenses, you get a new license C1D, but drivers are completely wrong. Let’s see what’s going on!The country is to these two certificates compulsively undertake bind!If you take the motorcycle test first, and then you take the C1 test, you end up with C1D.If you take an examination of C1 card first, take an examination of motorcycle card again next, can ask you to increase driving finally!So, a lot of times it’s not that we want to drive more, it’s that there’s no way not to drive more!Now the national policy has been changing, and the loopholes are becoming smaller and smaller. I hope you will not take advantage of these loopholes in the future, or you will really be in trouble.”Seriously, if you’re a person who wants to drive well, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drive more, because when you’re driving, you follow the rules of the road. What are you afraid of?We drive and obey the rules of the road for ourselves, not others!I hope we must do a good job in the future to increase driving, what we do, we must go in strict accordance with the provisions of the state, do not do, or the late lead to very serious consequences, can only bear their full responsibility!My personal advice, if we like to drive motorcycles, we must pay attention to safety, because the safety performance of motorcycles is lower than the car, the car has airbags, and the motorcycle is completely not, so the driver when driving, must wear a good helmet, fasten the seat belt oh!Although motorcycle is relatively light compared with the car, the safety risk of motorcycle is relatively large, so when we are driving a motorcycle, what do we need?Note 1: Check in advance.Before we go out, especially when we go far, we must check the brake function of the motorcycle, see if the gasoline is filled up, and the lamp tube on the motorcycle is not a problem. Only after checking our heart can we have the bottom!Note 2: Safety helmet is a top priority.When a motorcycle crashes, people are likely to be thrown out. If you land on your body first, that’s fine. If you land on your head, your life is in danger!Therefore, when we usually drive a motorcycle, we must wear a helmet. If we land with a helmet first, we can make a buffer for our head, and the risk caused by head impact will be further reduced!In addition to the helmet, there are motorcycle seat belts, safety fees + helmet have to be done!Note three: keep the speed and drive carefully.When we are driving, we must maintain a good speed, on the high speed, the speed must be controlled between 60 yards and 80 yards, not too fast, not too slow!If the day is bad weather, we must not drive, because motorcycles in bad weather, the safety risk will be further reduced, I hope we must pay special attention to oh!Motorcycle is good, but must be careful to drive, do not feel fun directly so drive out!Conclusion No matter whether we want to increase driving or not, as long as we have C1 photos and motorcycle photos at the same time, these two driving licenses must be bound together to become a new C1D photo, so we do not want to think about it all day long!We might as well use the time we spend thinking about loopholes to drive seriously, and people will not care about driving more!If everyone follows the traffic rules when driving, whether cars or motorcycles, and we follow the rules, there won’t be any problems, 12 points is definitely enough!Finally, I hope that when you drive a motorcycle, you must do a good job of safety protection, although the motorcycle is light, but the safety risk is not small, we must control the safety risk in the lowest, then we can go on the road to drive.