She is known as the Red Army Xishi, her ex-husband is the founding marshal, never remarried after divorce, her daughter is a major general

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A number of outstanding revolutionary generals emerged during the Anti-Japanese War.They fought fiercely against the enemy on the front line under heavy fire.For the benefit of the country and the nation, they put their own lives and personal safety behind them.With their own full of blood for today’s peace and prosperity.But victory in the war of resistance cannot be achieved by the revolutionary generals alone.Those groups of women comrades who are making obscure contributions in the rear of our army also paid a lot of painstaking efforts for the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression.In particular, the families of the revolutionary generals made great sacrifices for the success of the revolution.On the one hand, they had to take care of the family life of revolutionary generals, and on the other hand, they had to devote themselves to the revolutionary cause.Marshal He’s wife Jian Xianren is such an excellent woman, she was recognized as the Red Army xishi, married to He Long is the birth of two children.Even after the divorce, also chose a strong life and did not remarry.The maiden’s revolutionary Road Jian Xianren was well known because she was marshal He Long’s wife.Few people know such an excellent woman, she herself also made many contributions to the revolutionary cause.Jian Xianren was born to a businessman in Hunan province, the son of two relatively liberal patriots.Although they have not received much education, but for their children’s education is very hard.They were not bound by traditional feudal ideas, but were quite willing to accept more progressive ideas.Under the cultivation of such a family environment, Jian Xianren also came into contact with many advanced ideas of education.Influenced by this education, Jian Xianren joined the Communist Youth League at the age of 17.After joining the Communist Youth League, Jian Xianren became more active in the student movement.She soon became a member of the Communist Party because of her outstanding performance in various student movements.After joining the Party, she was arranged to carry out the underground work of the Party in Tianjin, Lixian county and Shimen.With the growth of the revolutionary team, Jian ren came to the internal work of the Red Army of workers and peasants.Because the personnel who joined the army at that time were all from the bottom of the poor people, their education level was very low, which brought great difficulties to the dissemination of revolutionary ideological education.Jian first served as a cultural teacher.At the same time, she also served as secretary of the Former Enemy Committee and section chief, making outstanding contributions to the ideological and cultural education of the army.Later, the Red Army began its strategic shift for various reasons. In the process of the shift, the Red Army not only had to face the external enemy’s encircle and intercept, but also had to guard against the internal ideological division.There were many discordant voices within the Red Army at that time, which seriously affected the unity of the army.Jian Xianren, as the backbone of ideological education in the Red Army, immediately responded positively to this disharmonious thought and resolutely maintained the correct revolutionary concept.We will forcefully counter the erroneous practices of the reactionaries with concrete actions.Especially when reactionary elements tried to use public opinion to slander general He Long.She was not afraid of the enemy’s threats and temptations, and stood up firmly to expose their plot.In this struggle, she and General He Long had a strong revolutionary friendship, and finally moved to the palace of marriage.02 red marriage in fact as early as Jian Xianren just entered the Red Army work, it attracted the attention of he Long general.At that time, Jian Xianren was in his early twenties and had a strong cultural atmosphere.Such a collection of beauty and wisdom and a revolutionary young woman, in the army is extremely bright existence.General He Long’s learning of advanced military theory was a bottleneck due to his low level of education.He deeply realized that experience alone is not enough to win more battles, only by constantly learning more advanced military theories and flexibly using them to guide the troops will achieve long-term victory.Jian’s erudite ability happened to help General He Long improve his educational level.So he Long general is also very happy to find jian first alone to make up lessons.In this way, the two people deepened their understanding in the continuous contact alone, and they also eliminated many of the initial barriers.Their relationship also grew closer.But when General He Long found a matchmaker to propose marriage, Jian Xianren rejected the marriage with a big gap in identity.Undaunted, However, General He Long used his casual style and proposed to Jian Directly.Jian ren was moved by the persistence of general He Long, and finally agreed to his pursuit under the blessing of the soldiers.In this way, a young man and a woman who fought together for the revolution fell in love.Not long after the two entered the palace of marriage, but at that time was the revolutionary task is more difficult, so just married two people again into the revolutionary work.After marriage, the two of them had different revolutionary tasks, so they spent less time together and more time apart.But this also did not affect two people to each other’s care feelings, finally in the second year of marriage two people have the crystallization of love.However, it was a critical period of the Revolutionary War at that time, and General He Long received orders from his superiors to participate in the front line, so he did not spend much time with his wife and daughter.Unfortunately, the enemy happened to sweep the rear of the revolution, and their daughter died early because of the chaos of war.Even jian first also caught by the enemy, in front of the enemy’s torture, Jian first clenched his teeth and determined not to reveal any information to the enemy.After suffering, Jian Xianren successfully survived, and with the help of others successfully escaped from the clutches of the enemy.Jian Xianren, who escaped, struggled to find her husband and the revolutionary organization.She finally met General Ho Long again after four years of separation.The two remarried and soon had a second daughter.But the hard life did not change with the arrival of a new baby.At this time, the revolutionary team fell into a dilemma of strategic transfer.Jian first also had to follow her husband on the Long March, during the period also suffered a lot.She thinks it doesn’t matter how much suffering she goes through as long as the family stays together safely.In this way the two revolutionary couples spent dozens of difficult spring and autumn.But the marriage of two people did not go to the end, in the middle of the revolution because of a variety of reasons or chose to separate.After the divorce jian Xianren did not choose to remarry, perhaps because of the nostalgia for General He Long, perhaps want to concentrate on taking care of his daughter, in short, Jian Xianren very independent through the next life.During the revolutionary period, young women were faced with the dilemma of surpassing men.They not only have to face the enemy’s crazy pursuit, but also endure the pain of separation from their loved ones.But they rely on the strong revolutionary belief, for the people’s liberation cause without complaint dedicated their youth.Jian Xianren was an outstanding female representative in the revolutionary period, and her contribution to the revolutionary cause was obvious.Although known as the Xishi of the Red Army, she did not really pamper her, but followed the revolutionary troops through difficulties and hardships.Her unswerving revolutionary spirit is worth learning by contemporary people.