Over ten million dollars!Many attempts ST company, mysterious “professional bidder” why?

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A mysterious “professional bidder”, less than 4 months, three times in the A share market, the target is all ST company, he is why?Bidding for ST guangyi shares ST Guangyi February 11 evening announcement, the company’s actual controller Long Changming held the company’s 3.6 million unlimited sale circulation shares in taobao judicial auction platform for judicial auction, the starting price of 9.36 million yuan.According to the bidding results, Chen bolin eventually won with the highest bidding price, the transaction price of 10.8 million yuan.Who is Chen Bolin?There is no more information about Chen in the public information.The reporter combed found that named “Chen Bailin” people many times to participate in the auction way into A shares of the company, especially “preference” ST shares.Starting from the second half of 2021, “Chen Bailin” successful bidders are *ST Kerry, ST Huayu, *ST Zotye, etc., with an investment ranging from 10 million yuan to hundreds of millions of yuan.Before that, “Chen Bailin” also participated in the auction of guojiang Chemical micro, Huang Tai wine, environmental protection and other companies shares.Or because of this, “Chen Bailin” is also called “professional bidder” by netizens.The reporter noticed that ST Guangyi was registered by the CSRC on November 5, 2021 on suspicion of illegal information disclosure and Long Changming was suspected of instigating the company to engage in illegal information disclosure.According to the relevant regulations of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, during the investigation period, the company’s controlling shareholders, the actual controller, the directors, supervisors and other persons acting together shall not reduce their shares of the company.ST Guangyi into trouble data shows that Chen Bailin took the ST Guangyi 3.6 million shares, cost 10.8 million yuan, unit price is 3 yuan/share.The closing price of ST Kwangil as of Feb 11, 2022 was RMB3.06 / share.From the bidding price, Chen Bailin almost to the market value of the deal.It seems more convenient to buy directly in the secondary market, which further deepens his “professional bidder” characteristics.Chen Bailin in the ST light what?Based on smart power grid and energy Internet, ST Guangyi expands its industrial layout to more in-depth Internet fields such as copyright cloud and health management.Among them, power business is the main business of the company, which has formed a complete power industry chain products and services covering intelligent electricity products, intelligent distribution products, complete sets of high and low voltage power equipment, integrated energy management system and services, power engineering construction and operation and maintenance.Earlier, ST Guangyi disclosed that it expects the company’s net profit loss in 2021 will further increase compared to 2020, with a loss of 170 million yuan to 250 million yuan, and the company’s net profit loss in 2020 is 98 million yuan.ST a 2021 earnings forecast ST light said, in addition to the affected by the epidemic, raw material prices and other factors, on January 25, 2022, the company controlling shareholder of jiangsu light a investment management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “light a investment”) for the company to take up balance of 200.47 million yuan of funds, through a company to freeze its assets, and the judicial disposal,Some of the losses are expected to be reduced.After reasonable estimates, the controlling shareholders’ appropriation of funds for bad debts is about 130 million yuan.Due to the occupation of non-operating funds of listed companies by Gwangyi Investment, the audit report of Gwangyi Investment in 2020 was issued with a qualified opinion, and the company’s stocks were warned of other risks. The securities were referred to as “Gwangyi Technology” changed to “Gwangyi”.At present, the problem of capital occupation of ST Guangyi Investment has not been completely solved.ST Guangyi introduced that as of February 7, 2022, Guangyi Investment has returned 48.8 million yuan occupied by the company, and the balance of funds occupied by Guangyi Investment to the company is 200.47 million yuan, accounting for 20.44% of the company’s latest audited net assets.In addition, ST Guangyi announcement shows that as of February 7, 2022, guangyi Investment and Long Changming held a total of 70,535,200 shares of the company, accounting for 17.30% of the total share capital of the company, are currently frozen, accounting for 100% of the number of shares held by the company, there is a risk of judicial auction.Any further disposal of the shares may result in a change in control of the company.Preference ST company since last November, “Chen Bailin” repeatedly appeared in the ST company’s share auction announcement.*ST Cary announced on November 18, 2021 that its shareholder Zhang Zhendong was involved in litigation and held 14.487 million shares of the company (accounting for 8.23% of the total share capital of the company), which had been ordered by jinan Intermediate People’s Court to be auctioned.Among them, “Chen Bailin” to 43.84523 million yuan price, took 6.587 million shares of the company’s stock.Shortly after Chen Borin bid, *ST Kerry announced on January 29, 2022 that it is expected to turn a profit in 2021.ST Carey said that the company’s net profit before and after the deduction of non-profits in 2021 has been turned into profit, and operating revenue has changed significantly compared with 2020, mainly because in 2021, Hubei Jingmen Intermediate People’s Court issued a “civil ruling”, ruling to accept the company’s restructuring application,After the completion of the bankruptcy restructuring plan before December 31, 2021, the restructuring income and the increase of the company’s working capital, the recovery of business reputation, the expansion of trade business volume, the realization of operating profit and income increase.It is worth noting that Mr Chen’s most expensive bid was a bet on *ST Zotye.On December 7, 2021, * ST zhongtai announcement, the company shareholders holding more than 5% of the huangshan golden horse group co., LTD., company 10.78 million shares held by the early will pledge to bank financing, because of the business the time triggered the agreement of the default clause, this stock is the judicial disposal, bidder “Chen” for the price of total about $294 million,43.85 million shares were sold at an average price of 6.7 yuan per share.On January 27, *ST Zotye released performance forecast, the company is expected to lose money in 2021, but compared with 2020, the loss is further reduced, mainly the company in 2021 has completed the restructuring, restructuring plan is completed, is expected to produce restructuring income of 2 billion to 2.4 billion yuan,However, the loss is still based on the fact that the company’s subordinate automobile production bases are basically in a state of suspension of production, the production and sales of the main products are not large, and the total sales revenue is low. Therefore, it is planned to draw large asset impairment provisions and bad debt provisions.*ST Zotye said, according to the above performance forecast, the company’s net assets at the end of 2021 is expected to be about 3.5 billion yuan to 4.5 billion yuan.If the net assets of the company are positive at the end of 2021 after auditing by an accounting firm, according to Article 9.3.7 of The Stock Listing Rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Revised in 2022), “The listed company is subject to delisting risk warning due to its exposure to Item (1) to Item (3) of The first paragraph of Article 9.3.1 of these Rules.If the annual report of the first fiscal year shows that the company does not meet any conditions of Item (1) to Item (4) of The first paragraph of Article 9.3.1 of the Rules, the company may apply to the Stock Exchange for revoking the delisting risk warning “, and the company will apply to shenzhen Stock Exchange for revoking the delisting risk warning.However, due to the continued decline of the stock price, Chen Bailin’s holding of *ST Zotye shares in the state of loss.Source: Shanghai Securities News original title: cost over ten million!Many attempts ST company, mysterious “professional bidder” why?