Tencent fresh graduates due to high intensity of overtime, the company group anger against the management!

2022-05-31 0 By

Late at night on January 25, a fresh graduate employee of Tencent’s wechat group posted a message angrily to the management of the company for working overtime because of the “version rush”.Huang Tieming WeChat chief, said since then, enterprises directly under the fresh leadership, corporate executives WeChat first rather than myself, “today’s things also reminded us once again, the continuous high intensity of march is not lasting, also will affect everyone’s work/life balance, and healthy.”Then, the department management team will discuss a set of specific solutions to such problems as soon as possible.The fresh students party in the event, the cause of the incident was explained.He said there were four main reasons: In the first month when he came to Tencent, he was under a lot of pressure, which caused physical discomfort for a time. Later, he got better after adjusting to the pace, but people around him reported that his physical and mental state was obviously not as good as before.After chatting with colleagues around and within BG, I learned that everyone was very dissatisfied with excessive overtime work. I found that overtime work is not unique to the group, but a common phenomenon within BG and even within the company.In the middle of December last year, his classmate died of cerebral hemorrhage, and his outlook on life was greatly impacted. At that time, he had the idea of leaving.In the comment of “Business Breakthrough Award” issued by the department, the description of 20 hours of continuous work and a week of high-intensity overtime made him unable to restrain his emotions, so he sent that emotional text and made a firm decision to leave.Although his immediate leadership and the company’s wechat executives communicated with him in the first time, he still said that he would leave and that his decision had nothing to do with others in the company.The incident immediately attracted onlookers and heated discussion online.”I’ve lost the courage to say that.””No mortgage, car loan courage is good…”I envy young people today. I have hope.”The post-00s generation is awesome…”…When it comes to Internet companies, people subconsciously associate it with “overtime work”. Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s “996” originated from this, which has become a default common phenomenon.Tencent executives say they will come up with a set of concrete solutions to such problems, but most netizens believe there will be no substantive changes.