Acacia to renew, love without complaint, heart without regret, miss you, day, night, the four seasons

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Window, listen to the wind, moon, want to a section of the past.Who, in my heart under a mark, scattered into my time in the deepest thoughts.I really miss you, lovesickness deeply, into disaster into suffering, into crazy addiction, dream dream, unexpectedly all do not miss you.This life love deep edge is shallow, love the person became the deepest miss, separated by the distant horizon, thinking of love you, obviously love is the bottom of the heart deeply depressed, I can’t tell it to you.There is a miss, even if it is acacia, can only be dispatched alone.Outside the window, the night whirling, heart, lovesickness, I know, tonight is destined to be a sleepless night for you.I can’t remember how many nights, I toss and turn for you, I can’t sleep for you, I shed tears for you, I’m sad for you, A person, or I miss you alone under the starlight moonlight, or I close my eyes by the window and recall the past between you.Fate broke the line, acacia to renew, love without hatred, heart without regret, miss you never, read you forever, no matter how far you go, never escape my miss.Shuttle in the bustling sea of people, no longer see your figure, the past side by side through those years, to now have become my memory of the most beautiful look back.Since leave, I did not go to pester you again, also did not go to disturb you again, but hide in the bottom of my heart that crazy crazy love, always in, if say to love have no expectation, that is not true, I have been waiting for your appearance.I look forward to with you “hold your hand, and son xieluo”, I want to with you “shoulder to shoulder wind and rain, with the prosperous”, but, a fate arrived at the end, after all, scattered into the war.In fact, MY heart is also very clear, some fate is already doomed, love, not necessarily have, but, since you came to my world, my heart can no longer tolerate others.I am in love with you, like the ancients said: winter thunder earthquake summer rain snow, heaven and earth, but dare and jun must!Miss you, read you, worry about you;Love you, love you, bless you;Waiting for you, looking forward to you, hope to meet you again.Miss you, my favorite people, final, deep feeling forever, do not disturb not to see, acacia unchanged.No matter how many field meet, only you, is the most beautiful meet in my life, only you, is my life into the heart of love.I am thinking of you every day and night, even if acacia gaunt, even if pain, as long as I think of this world there is a deep love you, I will have no regrets.Miss you, miss you, love became regret, acacia became eternal, love is like a rock, love is stronger than gold, this love is not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of rugged.Miss you, miss you, let meet myriad, I only love you a person, only miss you a person, only give you a deep love, only allow you a person forever.Miss you, my favorite person, may you take good care of yourself in the other side of the city, I will always love you to the bone, read you as before.