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Spring for the first of the twenty-four solar terms, is the meaning of “start” spring, warm, growth Spring marks the beginning of all closed winter has in the past into the bright sunshine and gentle breeze charactizing a fine spring in nature is the most distinguishing feature of everything begins to signs of recovery, spring begins three syndrome, a syndrome “the east”, on the day of the east spring begins and dongfeng light fondle earth, rocking gently in the green,Freeze marks in water.It’s about the east wind warming the earth.Five days after the beginning of spring, “insects are beginning to vibrate”, “insects” is hidden in winter, at this time the hibernating animals have not got up, but have woken up, stretch.That is to say, after the fifth day of The start of Spring, the hibernating insects slowly wake up in the cave.After five days, the ice in the river began to melt, and the fish began to swim on the water. At this time, there were broken pieces of ice that did not melt completely on the water, as if they were floating on the water.On the day of The beginning of Spring, Chinese people have a custom of eating radish, ginger, scallion and flour cakes, which is called “Biting spring”.But different customs around the different performance, in the south is popular to eat spring rolls.On the day before the start of Spring, two artists with ribbons on top of their crowns shouted along the street: “Spring is coming”, which is the traditional “proclaiming spring”.After the start of Spring, people like to go out for a spring outing in the blossoming spring days, commonly known as tanchun, spring outing, which is the main form of spring outing.Spring dawning refers to “beating the spring ox” to “urge farming”.There are two kinds of spring ox: paper ox and clay ox. A man disguised as the God of Manhood beats the spring ox three times with a whip tied with red silk. This is called “beating the spring Ox”, which means to beat away the laziness of the spring ox and urge people to cultivate the spring ox as soon as the earth returns.The beginning of Spring is the handover of winter and spring, the weather is changeable, at this stage of the weak physique easy to get sick, so the beginning of spring health should pay attention to protecting the liver and Yang, so as not to get sick and bury the root of the disease.Avoid sour sour taste into the liver, with convergence, is not conducive to the growth of Yang qi and liver qi catharsis, to eat less acidic food.Also want to eat less spicy greasy food.To nourish the liver during the start of Spring, you should eat more foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, such as mustard, spinach, celery and other fresh vegetables.Go to bed early and get up early The Yellow Emperor neijing says: “Sleep is blood back to the liver”, enough sleep can let the liver get a full rest, it is best to go to bed at 10 at night, the latest no more than 11, avoid staying up late.We should pay attention to keep the mood stable, especially do not get angry, because anger hurts the liver, angry easy to make liver Yang hyperactivity, irascience, not only hurt the liver but also easy to promote sympathetic nerve high excitement, heartbeat acceleration, vasoconstriction, induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.The beginning of Spring poetry xu Liu Tang He Zhizhang jade makeup into a tree high ten thousand green silk sash do not know who cut the thin leaves of The Spring breeze in February like scissors the beginning of spring sentimental Yu QianYears last year to meet spring hair new hurriedly went GuanHe do detain a guest empty time not borrow one inch educational tohave figure two lines of clear tears for festive solitary pastime with fierce difficult to diffuse the gold plate five clusters symplectic spring spring is a vibrant vitality is the beauty of colorful vegetation incipience, cuttlefish pregnant bud thriving vitality has xu li momentum today spring flowers blossom, people Kang Guotai sources:China Media Group Chinese Global Program Center New media producer/Hou Jingshu editor/Wang Ran editor/Wang Ofu END the world is wonderful in mastering the recovery of all things, the beginning of four hours