Thirty thousand steps a night, the Hangzhou doctor looked at this pair of shoes distressed

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On the afternoon of January 26, 150 medical staff from Hangzhou First People’s Hospital rushed to help Puyan streets to carry out nucleic acid sampling, and completed the task one after another at 3 am.Back and forth in the rain a night 30 thousand steps down, 5 years of leather shoes “laid off” this batch of lakeside hospital nucleic acid collection mobile team leader is one of the breast surgery Zhou Jun attending physician.From the moment he arrived, he was in charge of on-site coordination of nucleic acid collection.Although he was a “new recruit” supporting nucleic acid collection, he and Chu Hwa-young, head of the hospital management Department, cooperated with each other, and the site quickly entered a stable and orderly state.In addition to material allocation, personnel allocation and other tasks, he also gave full play to the advantages of “old Hangzhou people”, using Hangzhou dialect to communicate with the community residents.”Especially for some very old people, it is not easy to go out to test nucleic acid in the early morning, and some of them are quite resistant.Then I talk to them for a while to get the job done.”At night, it rained all the time. Zhou Jun didn’t even sit down for a while. He kept running in the rain until more than three o ‘clock in the morning.His shoes had cracked after 12 hours in the rain.”My shoes, which had been with me for five years, died tonight,” he joked.Zhou jun is also a young “old party member” who has been in the party for 13 years.”This sudden test made me feel the responsibility as a Party member.”After a successful return, he took a short rest and returned to work in less than five hours.”The department is busy and cannot do without people.”On the evening of January 26, 50 members of a nuclear acid sampling team from the north hospital of a city hospital arrived at Puyan Street, binjiang District. It was blowing and raining outside.When community workers arranged nucleic acid testing sites, they worked in pairs on the bus to cooperate and supervise each other and quickly completed the change of clothes.After the nucleic acid testing sites were arranged, they immediately threw themselves into the intense, orderly and efficient nucleic acid sampling work.At 12 o ‘clock in the morning, hangzhou temperature dropped to 2℃, puyan street nucleic acid testing sites are still scattered to do nucleic acid sampling of the masses.Community resident Mr. Li said gratefully after the nucleic acid test: “You are like the lights in the cold night, warm us, thank you!”At 1:40 in the morning of January 27, all nucleic acid testing sites were ready to finish the nucleic acid sampling work in the evening.Despite fighting for more than seven hours, baymax insisted on cleaning up the medical waste before evacuating.At 2:10 in the morning, the nucleic acid sampling team took the dispatching car and returned to the hospital at 3 o ‘clock. Many of them had already arrived home at 4 o ‘clock.Reporter Chai Yue-ying correspondent Wang Wenting editor Xie Ke Hangzhou daily sincerity production