“The sea of dreams” announced the cast, Xiao Zhan and her fifth frame, and denied rumors of love

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“The Sea in the Dream” today announced the cast, Xiao Zhan and her fifth frame, and denied the rumor that they did not love two days ago, when everyone learned that the start-up drama “The Sea in the dream” has started the relevant work, some people said that “hope Xiao Zhan to play the leading actor”.Yesterday, the cast list was not announced on the Internet.Today (February 7), the drama finally announced the cast.”The dream of the sea” by Xiao Zhan, Li Qin starring, this should be widely expected!Image above: Today (Feb. 7), the cast of the drama’s official announcement “The Sea in My Dream” official announcement: The courtyard past events of the green years, the passionate youth of the innocent age.Life sea sea, everyone is a page of the era.The Sea in My Dream is directed by Fu Ning and written by Xu Bing and Zhou Heyang.Set in Beijing in the 1970s, the play tells a positive story of young people growing up, pursuing their dreams and struggling.Xiao Chunsheng (Played by Xiao Zhan), the hero of The film, is a young man who values love and righteousness. He tries to face the changing life actively and constantly, so that everyone around him can live a better life.The lead actress tong Xiaomei, played by Li Qin, has always supported Xiao during his transition.Above: Xiao Zhan plays the leading actor Li Chunsheng has this online rumor that Li Qin can play the female number one in the Dream Of the Sea, which is more or less related to Xiao Zhan.Colloquially, and Xiao Zhan is a lover relationship.Above: Li Qin plays the heroine Tong Xiaomei however, legend is legend after all, in fact there is no such thing, at least the two have not entered the situation of falling in love.Why do you say that?The legend was officially declared false by xiao’s Anti-counterfeiting Squad.This is the third time xiao Zhanfang came out to refute rumors.Perhaps some netizens are accustomed to “seeing wind is rain” and like catching wind and shadow, because Xiao zhan and Li Qin have collaborated in four previous films, including “Fight against the Sky”, “Celebrate The Remaining Years” and “Your Majesty the Wolf”.This time the two are together again, should be old partners.Figure above: xiao Zhan, Li Qin coworks “Wolf Royal prince” although say two people get along time much, can produce likely “day long gives birth to affection” effect, but they still did not produce amour really now, say this kind of beautiful thing again, party also does not have necessary to hide a ye!Image above: Miao Miao is rumored to play the female lead in The Dream Of the Sea. There have been several versions of rumors online that Miao miao is the only female lead.The reason is that although miao Miao is not to walk flow route, but she suits the condition of tong Xiaomei, the heroine in drama: the requirement has dancing foundation, and Miao Miao is dancing major.It was once rumored that “The dream of the sea” signed Yang Caiyu, and said that the play has three equal female protagonists.But from the existing list, Miao Miao and Yang Caiyu are not in the cast.Above: Zhao Xin plays Ye Fang in the drama.This article is found by Lao Sun village original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!