Spring Festival I on-the-job | hubei trading smoke shop toll station emergency response peak

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China Traffic Broadcasting February 3 news (correspondent Luo Ying Li Xiumei) February 2, the second day of the first lunar month, the weather is slightly clear, people take this fine weather to go out to visit relatives and friends, the Fuzhou-Yinchuan expressway traffic more vehicles.Around ten o ‘clock in the morning, there was a sudden surge of traffic on the exit square of the yandian toll station of Xiangyang Operation Company of Hubei Communications. The toll square was temporarily congested due to the need to check the travel code of each vehicle leaving the station.See this situation, toll station launched travel bao chang contingency plans, timely send four unattended personnel at the scene to help sweep yards, inspection tour, registration information, and epidemic prevention policy interpretation, toll station move staff to the toll plaza, and local traffic police, medical treatment, epidemic prevention, site unattended department of joint logistics linkage, mutual assistance, greatly improved the speed and efficiency of vehicle inspection,The front and back interlace to form a safety and epidemic prevention guard network.Nearly 3 hours of vehicle peak time, toll crossings always maintain orderly passage, all vehicles in an orderly command timely and safe departure, the past company still stick to the front line for the Spring Festival staff gave a thumbs-up.It is understood that since the launch of the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush, yandian toll station has made preparations in advance to deal with the big test of the Spring Festival travel rush.Free meals and hot tea were provided to passengers stranded at Toll Gate due to inclement weather.During the New Year gift red lanterns, red fu stickers, etc.;The green vest with the LOGO of “Hubei Communications Investment” has become the best “spokesperson” of the station’s volunteer service, which has been praised and praised by the former company, local government and epidemic prevention headquarters for many times.All the staff of Yandian Toll station will continue to carry forward the hubei trading spirit of “striving for wisdom and responsibility”, stick to the front line, provide smooth, safe, comfortable and beautiful driving environment for the majority of passengers with warm service, and hand in a satisfactory answer paper for the “big test” of 2022 Spring Festival transportation.