Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment in Shandong province released key work points for 2022

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The year 2022 is a crucial year for Qingdao to further fight the battle against pollution.On March 14, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment released and interpreted the main points of work in 2022.This year the city’s ecological environment protection work will revolve around “to improve the ecological environment quality, to ensure the safety of the ecological environment and service of high quality development,” the three main line, strengthen the building of modern environmental management system, to build the ecological environmental protection tiejun “two support, the overall pollution control, ecological protection, climate change, at a higher standard to build the blue sky, green water, pure land battle, seek improvement in stability,Improve the quality and efficiency, build a solid foundation for the ecological environment of a modern international metropolis.We will work hard to prevent and control pollution and fully meet the second-class national standards for all six major pollutants.In 16 centralized drinking water sources at the urban level and above, 100% of the water quality standards were maintained.The proportion of coastal areas with excellent water quality (grade I and II) reaches the provincial target;Reduction of carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP to achieve the task of provincial decomposition……The municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment has set this year’s main targets for air, water and Marine environmental protection.The fundamental way to solve the problem of environmental pollution is to intensify the battle against pollution and accelerate the formation of a green way of development and way of life.This year, Qingdao will improve the quality of ecological environment as the core, continue to fight for blue sky, clear water, pure land.Coordinated governance will ensure that our skies are blue.We will deepen the treatment of volatile organic compounds, focus on the in-depth treatment of emissions from industrial sources, and carry out VOCs treatment projects for a number of petrochemical, organic chemical, industrial coating and other industrial parks, enterprise clusters and enterprises in key industries.We will strengthen control of air pollution at port areas and from mobile sources, focusing on pollution control from ships, dust from bulk cargo, port machinery, oil depots and heavy trucks.Complete oil and gas recovery and treatment at 10,000-ton or above crude oil and refined oil terminals.Accelerate the obsolescence and renewal of old non-road mobile machinery, promote “reform” and “treatment”, and promote the upgrading and transformation of old non-road mobile machinery across the city.”Sanshui as a whole” fight a good clean water defense.We will strengthen environmental protection of drinking water sources, and launch a new round of special investigations and rectification campaigns.The sewage outlet into the river and the sea should be firmly remedied, and the sewage outlet regulation tasks should be completed according to the schedule.Implement the horizontal and vertical ecological compensation mechanism and improve the inter-regional management and coordination mechanism of river basins.We will strengthen protection of the Marine environment, strictly implement the gulf chief system, and step up efforts to build beautiful bays.We will promote the treatment of rural domestic sewage, improve the long-term mechanism for operation, maintenance and management, and upgrade and upgrade old sewage treatment facilities in rural areas.Systematic prevention and control plays a good pure land defense.The construction of national pilot zone for soil pollution prevention and control will be carried out, implementation plans will be drawn up, work will be done to focus on key monitoring units of soil pollution and construction land access management, and explore and innovate soil pollution prevention and control modes suitable for the actual situation of Qingdao.We will tighten environmental access for construction land, and explore ways to establish a closed-loop full-process monitoring model for polluted land parcels and a mechanism for reporting and sampling soil pollution.Promoting green Transformation of Economic and Social Development As the first national low-carbon pilot city in The province, Qingdao has explored some experience in dealing with climate change.This year, Qingdao will coordinate efforts to cope with climate change and protect the ecological environment, issue and implement the 14th Five-Year Plan for coping with climate change, and jointly promote the three-year action plan for peaking carbon emissions and meeting air quality standards, so as to promote synergism between climate change and environmental governance.Focus on carbon emission reduction in industries, carry out carbon emission verification, and compile annual greenhouse gas emission inventory;We will carry out life-cycle carbon emission assessment in key industries and establish low-carbon demonstration enterprises.We will actively promote green development, reduce emissions at pollution sources as part of the “four cuts, four increases,” organize a new round of three-year actions to reduce emissions, four increases, and four cuts, and improve and adjust the structure of industrial, energy, transport, and agricultural input and land use.We carried out nationwide ecological demonstration projects, issued the outline of the municipal plan for the construction of national ecological demonstration zones, and actively established national “Ecological Demonstration Zones” and “lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains” practice and innovation bases.We will guard the access to the environment and implement the results of the “three lines and one single order” into the eia of projects and plans to prevent environmental pollution and ecological damage at the source.We will carry out pilot projects for coordinated management and control of pollution and carbon reduction under the “three lines, one single order” scheme, and pilot projects for environmental impact assessment of carbon emissions from steel, chemical, tire and beer projects.We will deepen compensation for ecological and environmental damage, issue a document detailing the scope of compensation for ecological and environmental damage, release demonstration sites for environmental restoration, and release typical cases, and make compensation for ecological and environmental damage regular and institutionalized.In recent years, the scale of Qingdao’s ecological and environmental protection industry has been growing. This year, Qingdao will cultivate and strengthen the ecological and environmental protection industry, organize and complete the statistical survey of the city’s ecological and environmental protection industry in 2022, and promote the construction of an ecological and environmental protection industry cluster with Qingdao characteristics.We will innovate environmental governance models, promote third-party governance of pollution prevention and control, and promote pilot reform of provincial-level “environmental stewardship”, “environmental hospital” and EOD model.We will strengthen the development of ecological industrial parks.We will deepen the reform of environmental impact assessment (EIA), push forward the pilot project of baling examination and approval, the implementation of notification commitment examination and approval, and the implementation of exemption list, so as to reduce the burden on enterprises more quickly.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. 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