Has South Korea’s next president been decided?Moon Jae-in suddenly sent a delegation to China, China and South Korea three moves to make the United States fear

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In recent years, as China’s power has been growing, the US has been paying increasing attention to China’s every move in the Indo-Pacific region.In order to counter China, the US has also launched the so-called “New Indo-Pacific Strategy”.Recently, US Secretary of State Blinken is on a visit to the Indo-Pacific region, meeting with foreign Ministers of the ROK and many other countries.For Washington, there is an urgent need to find a partner in the Indo-Pacific region to work with other countries in the region to contain China’s rise, with Japan and South Korea as key partners.The United States wants the two countries to be more responsive to China, but moon’s sudden visit to China at a critical time ahead of South Korea’s presidential election has rattled the United States.For a long time, the United States has been pressuring the South Korean government in various ways to follow its lead in cracking down on China, but The South Korean government does not seem interested in the United States’ approach of forming factions.Despite the escalating rivalry between The U.S. and China, South Korea is actively engaging with China.At the end of last year, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yuchenggang held a video conversation with His ROK counterpart Choi Chung-gon. The two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations and many other issues.Just after the strategic consultation, the ROK sent two representatives to China to take advantage of the Beijing Winter Olympics.South Korean Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hwang Hee has headed a delegation to China to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.In addition, Rok National Assembly Speaker Park Byung-seok also came to China to enjoy the Games with the Chinese people.Mr. Park is notable for being a China expert, a Mandarin speaker who has visited China several times before.In interviews with Chinese media, Park has been generous in his praise of the Beijing Olympics.He publicly said that the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has given athletes from all over the world a chance to show their achievements in preparation for the games, and has given spiritual comfort to many people around the world.In addition, he said the Beijing Winter Olympics fully embodies the concept of environmental protection, which shows that China attaches importance to sustainable development.He also made positive comments on China-ROK bilateral relations, pointing out that China and THE ROK can conduct more cooperation in the field of renewable energy.South Korea coming general election, in fact, since in Yin wen, the south Korean government has been actively avoid in a choice between China and the United States, South Korea attaches great importance to the relations between the two countries, do not want to because the United States lose the partner in China, but soon after, South Korea will usher in a new presidential election, in Yin’s departure is imminent,This has brought greater uncertainties to the development of China-ROK relations.According to current polls, lee Jae-myung, candidate of the ruling party, is likely to succeed Moon jae-in.Lee jae-myung’s political philosophy is quite consistent with Moon jae-in’s. Once he is elected president, he may bring more positive influence to China-ROK relations.However, there is still some time to go before the presidential election in South Korea.Reference source for some information: China News network