“Happiness gift package” for the tenth committee community residents to send blessings

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20 is the last solar term in the 24 solar terms, major Cold.After the major cold, the Spring Festival is closer!Early in the morning, erdao District east station street 10 committee courtyard red post station from time to time someone in and out.”I heard that the community organized people to make dumplings for their neighbors, which is not, taking advantage of today’s rest, I volunteered to use a plate of dumplings to send them a warm.”Xia Zihan, who lives in Lijingxiuyuan, reflects the original intention of the 10th Committee community of Dongzhan Street, Erdao District, to carry out “five into” and “five gifts” happiness activities for special families, families in need, elderly families living alone, families with children in need, and families staying over the Spring Festival.25 kilograms of dumpling flour, 10 kilograms of meat, enough to have 20 kilograms of zucchini, celery……At 9:30, more than 10 committee 10 community staff and residents, volunteers have prepared the ingredients, a lively and lively “dumpling competition” on time “start”.”Although the dumplings are not on the pleats, but the shape of the pinched ingot is beautiful, and the meaning is good, which is what my mother taught me.”As a medical worker, Xia zihan was on duty during the Spring Festival, the Year of the Tiger, and the family decided not to return to their hometown of Hengshui, Hebei Province, as their child was about to enter school.”The community think of special thoughtful, a few days ago in advance to my home sent Spring Festival couplets, so I suddenly came to inspiration, let the children to grandma, grandpa handwritten letter, and Spring Festival couplets together to parents mailed in the past, I hope to wish distant relatives health.Xia zihan said.In the morning, the dumplings were packed with blessings.”The first pot boiled a batch, and then just frozen dumplings into the dumpling box, cooked for lunch, frozen dumplings put in the refrigerator, let everyone eat on New Year’s Eve.””Said, Erdao District East station street 10 committee community Party committee deputy secretary Wang Xin to lose only child family Yu Lianshun home.”Brother Yu, on behalf of the community, I wish you a happy and auspicious New Year.”See is the community staff to sympathy, Yu Lianshun repeatedly thank.”The community always thinks of me for warm things like delivering dumplings.I have lived in this compound for more than 20 years, and we are like a family.”For area residents, especially the special group feeling coming home warm, it is 10 station street committee sends communities of literature and art, love, send blessings, delivering security, and to send health activities, the move also won praise of residential area, with love with the heart “lively theatrical performances, thorough safety tips, and practical knowledge of health lecture,Spring Festival couplets, “fu”, paper-cuts and warm dumplings were sent to your door.Receiving the ‘happiness package’ from the community has made the New Year even more enjoyable.””Resident Li Na said.Source: Erdao District, Changchun Daily