Visit Pingjiang County, Yueyang Shiniu Village

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Visit yueyang pingjiang xian stone cattle village with long WenPing Jiang Shi cattle village enjoys a fame as the “day of the first village” on a hot summer day with windings usually go there on special trip for the mood of the drive to the gateway stone cattle village scenic area within a majestic high of more than two thousand meters long line of advanced stone walls were built which hold the central guarded the ancient village shaking the world this is on the top of the hill in the Ming dynasty which 48 village of remaining in the worldA soldier village climbing Jin Shishan a giant mountain looks like an old cow to the depth of the slopes at the foot of phoenix mountain north hillside is littered with countless granite boulders far seem to feed the women’s big haystack to ten thousand Linger walking along the cliff stone foshan li, sightseeing road at the foot of great deep canyons everywhere thrilling step in vertical height of 180 meters of glass such as walking on the bridge in the cloudI stood at the top of the mountain behind damao Village and looked far into the distance. There were countless Danxia peaks shining in the sun, like red clouds in the sky falling across the earthSmoke curled up on the mountain peak with the of all kinds of creations, a local farmer told me three shut out stone cattle village attractions makes a turtle risk four seven stone bridge WuZhai six lines day eight temples 108 YanJing boundless beauty, stone monkey Xian stone various Beautiful sunset afterglow in the ancient history of scroll forward I slowly spread out here used to be a military fortress thereThe peasant uprising leader at the end of the MoKaiYuan soup kuang horses and HSS ShaSheng today where only shuicheng stone mortar maidan Zhong Qing remote sites in the white cell Brahman sound rising declaration: stone cattle village traveling scenic area is located in the border of hunan, hubei, jiangxi China hunan yueyang pingjiang xian stone cow town (formerly DaPing Township), for the national 4 a grade scenic spot.Shiniuzhai square area of more than 10 square kilometers for the ancient military importance.It to the rocks, qifeng, stone cave composed of danxia stone fame and become famous in the world.Shiniuzhai has the largest Danxia landform community found in China.Each scenic spot is famous for its strange and dangerous, with “ten miles absolutely bi, 100 miles danxia” as the typical representative.At the same time, Shiniu Village is also a Holy place for Buddhism, with temples above and below the village like clouds.Now well-preserved white Temple, Stone Buddha Temple and so on.