“The roller coaster to Chongqing in addition to grinding has successfully arrived at the station” Tianjin grinding glass lung nodules patients came good news

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Today, I share with you a patient from Tianjin, who went through a rough and difficult journey spanning 1,800 kilometers to remove the abrasion.I went to the doctor everywhere after I was diagnosed with pulmonary nodules, and I found it was dangerous after I asked online.He rushed to Chongqing but failed to do so due to various reasons such as the epidemic.After several twists and turns, I finally came to the new bridge and successfully completed the operation.According to the latest feedback from the patient, the recovery is very good. I am happy for her.In fact, the patient always thought that he had only one dangerous 8mm nodule at the beginning. However, after arriving at the new bridge, the CT comparison revealed that there should be three nodules, two in the upper lobe of the left lung and one in the lower lobe of the left lung. The preliminary judgment was microinfiltration and in situ.Although such a situation does not cause patients to panic, but can catch all is also a comfort to you, not you ran so far away.Thank you for your trust and sharing.2022-01-21 Hello, Director Dai, could you please check the nature of this nodule?It was found in the physical examination on November 30th, and then one month later, I underwent this CT again. It has been nearly two months since then. Do you think minimally invasive surgery is needed as soon as possible?What if it’s a wedge or a segmental resection?Is the operation difficult?Do you need to be positioned in any way during surgery?Someone says positioning good ache good ache!If the operation, want to find you!Thank you, director, please reply to your busy schedule. Thank you very much, director!My reply: post-situ, 20% microinfiltration possibility.Can follow up a period of time, safe.Psychological pressure can also be cleaned up, wedge resection or segmental resection can be radical.2022-02-03 Heartbreak, plane takes off 7th can’t get an interview with Director Day I’m devastated.From every time to grab the number of lost, to grab the number of joy.Step by step with the enthusiastic grinding friends to study the schedule, everything is ready, was originally 8:55 today’s plane so happy ah, I want to finally and our beloved director Dai face to see, this decision to surgery because of the heart pressure ah.The plane had just taken off and I was in a terrible mood.My reply: good things are not afraid of grinding, certainly not delay.You can come at any time as a special privilege.2022-03-30 Degrinding for 33 days!Originally just a grinding 1,800 kilometers to find I trust director Dai.Today, 33 days later, I said goodbye to Chongqing and flew home, ending the roller coaster ride to Chongqing.Although bumpy but all good!In the heart of a thousand thoughts!It seems that everything you see and think is very different from before!Everything feels lively and interesting!Full of life!This feeling comes from the volunteer team and all the small bar owners of the post bar. Thank you for guiding me how to post so that the top expert Dai can see my post.From all the group owners, thank you for your guidance on how to get director Dai’s interview number;From our respected director Dai who has great love!Thank you, Director Dai!After your operation table so hard still do not forget the family worry!Special editor exclusive to my short message “ ×× China surgery was very successful, just finished.Three nodules were caught in one net: nodules 1 and 2 in the upper lobe of the left lung, and nodules in the lower lobe of the left lung.Naked eye looks slightly infiltrated and in situ.It’s a small wedge resection.The prognosis is excellent.Director Dai “this paragraph of information, I as treasure, as I cure medicine, I copy to my mobile notepad, copy in the post bar, I want to keep.Thank director Dai, your superb technology makes our patients have a new hope, I thought this time only an 8mm nodule traveled thousands of miles to find you to remove the operation, I do not know there are other dangerous nodule existence, thank Director Dai sharp eyes, catch all in one!Thank you!Remove the trouble!As my son always says, “It was worth the trip!Thank you, Director Dai!”Wish oneself in later life, love life more!Here I wish Director Dai all the best!Wish tieba friends all well!Love you.