Taiyuan Jinyuan District: Paddy field Park snow sports belt hot Spring Festival

2022-05-29 0 By

The newly upgraded Paddy Field Park in Taiyuan jinyuan District is celebrating the Spring Festival.The main body of the rice castle, which is made of rice straw, is 14 meters high and 53 meters wide.In the Rice field Art Experience Hall, you can experience the spring and summer growth of Jinci rice, autumn harvest and winter storage in an immersive way.Different theme Spaces are set up in the Wonderland Pavilion. With the help of holographic light and shadow interaction technology, a sense of hyperspace experience is formed.Inside the snow castle, snow slides, snowmobiles, snow tanks and other amusement programs will turn it into a sea of joy.At jinci Rice Shop, visitors can also make jinci rice cakes made from high-quality Jinci rice.Sweet dates, glutinous beans, rice fragrance flowing between the lips and teeth, enjoy the tip of the tongue nostalgia.Source: Jinyuan Published by Li Lintang Hua