During the Spring Festival holiday, Guangzhou Communications Group ensured the average daily traffic flow of 1.156 million vehicles on the road network

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Dominion over a large bay area of guangdong guangzhou trading group core 741 km highway, average daily road network traffic of about 1.156 million during Spring Festival, in accordance with the “group a chess game, resource sharing, unified layout principle form linkage mechanism, by strengthening regulation control, speed up the accident from field, arrange to deploy a number of specific measures to strengthen the emergency rescue,Ensure highway safety and efficiency.The main repair project of Changgang West Road under Hedong Bridge was basically completed, which only took 15 days, 7 days ahead of schedule, and resumed traffic smoothly before the Spring Festival.At the same time, the asphalt pavement maintenance project of xinguang Expressway was promoted with high quality and efficiency, and the overall renovation of the tunnel wall and the contour line of the access road was carried out, which effectively improved the brightness and visual comfort of the tunnel, played a warning role and provided guarantee for driving safety.In addition, through the compilation of snow and ice weather special work plan and the development of joint operation map, the implementation of all-weather, all-time remote temperature measurement on key sections, to ensure that the “freeze prevention and smooth” work is put into practice.We will actively carry out full-process and all-factor emergency drills. By setting different scenes, we will organize and formulate traffic protection plans for sections prone to congestion or sections prone to accidents such as Shahe Interchange and Cencun Interchange.By setting up fixed post points on the road surface, setting up warning cylinders in advance at preset diverging points, arranging road administration and rescue personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day and strengthening joint attendance linkage with traffic police departments to ensure the efficiency of high-speed traffic, emergency measures are detailed in place.During the Spring Festival holiday, the number of road accidents under the jurisdiction of the Group decreased by 27.9% year-on-year, and the average processing time was 14.5 minutes.There were 358 road rescues with an average attendance time of 18.3 minutes.168 pieces of rescue equipment have been put on standby 24 hours a day to ensure a quick response in case of an emergency.At the same time, the expressway traffic accident emergency rescue team has been set up. Through training, the team members have mastered the first aid knowledge of wound dressing, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, casualty transfer and other first aid knowledge. The team members have obtained the Guangzhou Red Cross rescue qualification certificate, effectively improving the ability to deal with emergencies.The efficiency of road patrol, accident disposal and the removal of broken vehicles during the Spring Festival Travel rush will be improved through the use of new technologies such as road administration personnel, unmanned aerial vehicles and vehicle shifters.Source: Guangzhou Exchange