3-0!Beating Ho Zhuojia in straight sets to advance to the next round, the Chen Meng era has not gone away

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Chen Meng, China’s top female table tennis player, defeated he Zhuojia 3-0 at the WTT Singapore Grand Slam on March 15, proving to fans that her era of Chen Meng has not gone away.Chen meng lost a set against Singaporean Zeng Jian earlier in the match, which made the fans feel vaguely worried about Chen Meng, who was not in the best form.This match against He Zhuojia will not be too easy. Remember, it was He Zhuojia who defeated Chen Meng in the women’s team competition of the 2020 All Championships, resulting in shandong losing the championship to Hebei!Can Chen Meng beat He Zhuojia in the quarterfinals?In the first game, Chen meng changed from the usual slow heat and quickly entered the match state, playing very active, and soon gained a 4-2 lead.He Zhuojia did not get the upper hand in the stalemate with Chen Meng, but Chen Meng was in a very good state today, every time she won a point, she would shout loudly and shout herself!11-8, Chen Meng wins the first set!In the second set, Chen meng became more confident and unleashed her best form on the court, but He was unable to face Chen’s forehand attacks and Chen quickly took a 6-1 lead.He zhuojia tried her best to bring her form into play, but she always made mistakes on some shots, which made her more and more passive. 11-4, Chen Meng easily won the game again, leading 2-0.With no way to back down, Ho took the fight to the finish in the third game and it paid off as he took a 5-4 lead.But Chen Meng soon mobilize their own state, continuous chasing points, the score came to 9 even!After tying at 9, Chen meng played even more fiercely, scoring two points in a row to end the fight 11-9!This game, Chen Meng’s state is obviously better than against zeng Jian, state is much better!Since the Tokyo Olympic Games last year, Chen Meng has not won a title for a long time. In the National Games and world Table Tennis Championships, Chen Meng lost to Wang Manyu twice in a row, which also made many fans think that Chen Meng’s era is coming to an end!Now, Chen Meng has proved that her Chen Meng has not gone away with her victory over He Zhuojia.The era of Chen Meng is still alive!I hope Chen Meng can continue to work hard to win the final champion, become the first grand Slam women’s singles champion, defend their own Chen Meng era, come on!For more exciting content, follow Yang Ge ping Pong