Yang Ming stall on the matter, 22 points of the night of the fiasco, 1 move thoroughly angered fans, liao basket trouble

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Mr. Stalls, 22 points defeat night, 1 move completely upset fans, liao basket trouble CBA season into the end of the second stage – is, of course, the best team in the league this season, ranking top in the league for the first, also is the first big favourites to win the league so far, so far, liaoning’s overall performance,Looks relatively steady, but after the end of the round, liaoning is surely a big winner, and xinjiang in two meetings, a lot of fans think that this is a one-sided game, after all, on the strength of it, the two teams are unequal, and xinjiang or single foreign aid, but not the final success of liaoning,It was Xinjiang that pulled off one of the biggest upsets since the CBA rematch.Surprised a lot of fans, to xinjiang, is a lot of liaoning fans will not be able to accept, xinjiang in the season without a housekeeper, and record has been hovering at the end of the league, even so, liaoning and losing, from which we can tell, without de-jun han the player, did a lot of the impact of liaoning in the paint,Cannot limit the opponent scored inside, eventually regret the loss of the, so, without Han Dejun for liaoning, the influence is very big, after losing, manager Mr. Very angry, did not attend the conference after the game, thus subjected to a lot of fans, because of his lack of general demeanor, losing the will deliberately to avoid responsibility,Dare not face the reality, but also let everyone think that he is not a responsible head coach, so, for Yang Ming’s behavior, the CBBA league officially announced a punishment decision, decided to warn Yang Ming once, and a fine of 10,000 yuan.So we can see, Mr. Included, are very don’t want to see this kind of behavior, after all, as a manager, because they can’t lose, then bring your temper, don’t go to after the conference, which obviously, for the league, this is irresponsible, after all, you are a team coach,If you lose, you should have the courage to take responsibility and face the reality bravely. Therefore, THE CBA League made such a punishment, which I think is completely correct punishment.Behind in such a punishment, we can tell, the liaoning men’s basketball team is on the road somewhere, the one of the biggest, is the only coach team, as a coach, loss, can play small temper, not to attend the press conference, such practices, is certainly not a qualified coaches should make to the behavior,Liaoning team lost the game because of the lack of Han Dejun in the interior, the team’s protection of the interior was very poor, and many players did not play their due characteristics, especially in the end of the league, Liaoning team had some fatigue.Therefore, Liaoning team lost to Xinjiang team by 22 points, but also gave them a wake up, want to continue to achieve good results in the next game, we must better study tactics, solve the weakness of the team at present, otherwise, the road to win the championship will be difficult.