Pinduoduo and Douyin, who copy whose homework

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The previous success of Pinduoduo and Douyin was dependent on innovation, and the one who innovates first is more likely to be the one ahead in the competition that may arise in the future.Pinduoduo and Douyin now have different “traffic anxiety”.Pinduoduo is racking their brains to let the flow become “retention amount”, while Douyin is painstakingly how to better monetize the flow.During the Spring Festival, many users found that Pindoduo quietly moved the “Duoduo Video” at the lower left of the “Personal Center” page to the first-level entrance at the bottom of the home page, indicating that Pindoduo has made renewed efforts on short videos.Simple and crude reward methods such as “watch video and cash out” show that one of the important purposes of Pin-duo multi-force video is to improve user retention rate.Interestingly, Pinduoduo is adding short videos and Douyin is also accelerating its e-commerce business.In December 2021, “Douyin Box” APP was launched in cold weather and positioned as a “fashion e-commerce platform under Douyin”.”One is an e-commerce platform that wants to make short videos, and the other is a short video platform that wants to make short videos. E-commerce and short videos are both red seas now. Pinduoduo and Douyin start from both ends and will eventually meet in a narrow way.However, the construction of the short video platform is not as easy as it seems. If Pinduoduo fails to solve the problem of original content, it only relies on cash rewards, which is no substantial difference from the previous “cutting a knife”.E-commerce platforms are not that easy to do, or Tencent would not have failed several times in its e-commerce efforts.Before Pinduoduo rose to prominence, it depended on the fission play of ultra-low price and social e-commerce, which was regarded as the innovation of attracting customers.Tiktok’s success in the short video platform race has also been helped by the creation of an “immersive” video swiping interface.The success of both was dependent on product and business innovation.It is hard to succeed simply by imitating others.The one who innovates first, Pinduoduo or Douyin, is more likely to be the leader.”Do you know the ‘Duoduo Video’ on Pinduoduo?That’s a lot of money.”Back home for the Spring Festival, friends said to Lu Jiujing.When YOU open PINDUoduo, the figure of “Duoduo Video” appears in the five first-level entrances at the bottom of the home page.According to an online search, pindoduo launched a short video section in 2020, but it had been in the lower left of the “Personal Center” page at the secondary entrance.From two to one, it seems that the strategic position of the short video has been significantly promoted in the fight.However, when Lu Jiujing communicated with her colleagues, she found that the first-level entry on some mobile phones was still the previous “Live broadcast”, instead of “Duoduo Video”. Why?Recently, the original “Renren Video” changed its name to “Duoduo Video”. Is pinduoduo short video related to this?Lu Jiujing consulted Pinduoduo on the above two questions, Pinduoduo replied that duoduo video should be a function of the test, and the original Renren video has no relationship.That is to say, two “Duo Duo videos” bump into each other and are not related to each other.At present, the trademark owner of Duoduo Video belongs to Shanghai Multitudomei Network Technology Co., LTD., the parent company of renren Video, and has no relationship with Pinduoduo.(The “Duo Duo Videos” mentioned below refer to Pinduoduo Duo Videos.)Recently, the attention of the outside world on pduo Duo short video is not high, and mainly focused on “handling strategy”, “simple mix cut with goods day into XXX”, “no supply zero cost” and other strategy posts, possibly, “duo Duo video” for Pduo Duo duo, is indeed “cold upgrade”.When you click duoduo Video for the first time, you will get a few yuan reward. You can also get 1-3 yuan reward for doing tasks in the task list. After that, you will get about 0.02 yuan reward for watching a video.Get cash rewards for the first time login prompt, the second day can withdraw to WeChat, but after Lu Jiu test of finance and economics, the second day, some 10 yuan can withdrawal, some people can carry up to 20 yuan, after the reward to increase to more than $19, see video is no longer give cash directly, but to the 80-200 gold COINS, 1000 gold COINS to 0.01 yuan.By approaching the withdrawal threshold infinitely, users are guided to stay for a long time and browse short videos, so as to increase the use time of users and improve the possibility of cash.This way is the same as the “chop one knife” which can never be cut, and pinduoduo is good at playing.When Pinduoduo quietly promoted the status of short videos, Douyin also quietly launched the APP “Douyin Box”, described in Huawei Mall as “a fashion e-commerce platform under Douyin”.As the originator of live streaming, Douyin has been experimenting with hydropower businesses for a long time. However, the launch of Douyin Box marks a more independent e-commerce business and an important step in the development of Douyin e-commerce.One is an e-commerce platform that wants to do short videos, and the other is a short video platform that wants to do e-commerce.Pinduoduo and Douyin have started a “two-way rush”, but short video and e-commerce are already red seas. The result of this two-way rush may be that the two meet in a single bridge, not romantic, but fierce competition.Pinduoduo and Douyin are giants in e-commerce and short video, respectively. Why do they both look more delicious in each other’s bowl?Behind the business of leveraging others’ strengths is anxiety about business growth.Pinduoduo’s anxiety is understandable.E-commerce platforms lack traffic in nature and have long relied on advertising in large traffic pools to attract traffic.Wechat’s “Jiugongge” used to be an important bargaining chip for Tencent to negotiate with the invested enterprises, and now Douyin is also full of advertising placement on Pinduoduo, Dewu, Taobao and so on.When the growth rate of users slows down and the competition between platforms intensifies, the cost of acquiring customers on e-commerce platforms starts at 100 yuan. In 2021, the cost of acquiring customers for Alibaba will even exceed 400 yuan.Pinduoduo gained customers at a low price in the early stage and the number of users increased rapidly, but at the expense of loyalty, it basically realized the “buy at a lower price and leave at the same time”.Therefore, like other e-commerce platforms, Pindoduo has made various kinds of impositions on the flow platforms such as Douyin, among which there are some “pindoduo features” and advertisements that attract eyeball by low price, such as The 9.9 yuan Wuling Hongguang and the 1 yuan Apple phone.However, relying on other platforms, lack of user stickiness and “tap water”, the cost of acquiring customers remains high, and the risk of being cut off always exists.As a result, e-commerce platforms are looking for ways to improve their traffic diversion capacity and user retention, most often by imitating the core business of traffic pools, such as creating their own Douyin.Taobao’s “Diantao” and Pinduo’s “Duoduo Video” are essentially e-commerce platforms’ attempts to improve user stickiness.Douyin is one of the fastest growing apps in recent years. According to the “Mobile State Report 2022” released by APP Annie, a mobile data and analytics company, Chinese users spend an average of 3.3 hours a day on their mobile phones, while Aurora’s “Q4 Mobile Internet Industry Data Report 2021” states:”From 2018 to 2021, the proportion of time spent watching short videos on mobile phones rose from 10.8% to 32.3% per day. Bytedance, the leader of short videos, successfully occupied the most time spent by users, surpassing Tencent for the title.”With so much traffic in hand, Douyin will not be content to make money solely from advertising and live streaming. Moreover, douyin’s traffic growth in China has slowed, and if we want to continue to grow, we need to consider “quality” rather than quantity.Tencent, the “predecessor”, relies on the cash cow business of game, with high investment and long cycle in game development. Moreover, the domestic game publicity and distribution channels are almost controlled by Tencent, and it is very rare for Douyin to completely bypass Tencent’s Miha Game, so it is difficult for Douyin to replicate Tencent’s success in game.Considering the natural connection between short video and e-commerce, building e-commerce platform becomes one of the best choices for Douyin to realize traffic.To keep growing, the giants must constantly look for a second curve, which inevitably leads to the other’s hinterland.Imitation does not necessarily lead to success. One way to success may be to imitate successful businesses.However, the development of business is never so simple. Simply imitating successful people is likely to fail because they have only learned the surface without touching the core business. Otherwise, There would not have been Tencent’s unsuccessful attempts to enter the e-commerce industry.Lujiu finance measured a lot of video two hours later, the subjective feeling is that non-advertising video pornography edge ball content accounted for a relatively high, and relatively lack of connotation, there is no innovation.As can be seen from the various “Duoduo video handling/mixed cutting guides” on the Internet, most of the content on them is not original, let alone in-depth.What kind of customers can such a short video platform attract?The friend who recommended Duoduo video said that the content of Duoduo video is “nothing to watch, but mainly to make money”.There is nothing wrong with using bonuses for new services. Qutoutiao and Douyin Superfast have all relied on cash to attract over 100 million new users. However, the user groups that can be attracted in this way are relatively clear, and they are all money sensitive and have more free time.The focus of pinduoduo’s development of short videos should be to improve customer stickiness, so as to increase purchase frequency or customer unit price. However, it may be difficult for Pinduoduo to achieve this goal because the current short videos can reach the main groups.Not to mention according to the current content of duoduo video, copyright and regulatory issues may also be encountered later.After opening the APP, the main interface of Douyin Box is almost like a combination of short shopping videos. However, a secondary entrance of “shopping” is added on the home page, and the interface is similar to “Browse” on Taobao or Xiaohongshu. In terms of contents and products, Douyin Box has almost no innovation.Positioning “fashion trend platform” indicates that Douyin wants to enter from a niche field, which can reduce large-scale conflicts with e-commerce giants. However, there are other platforms such as Dewu on this track. At present, Douyin Box has not shown its own advantages or uniqueness.Of course, the most important construction of e-commerce, such as logistics supply chain system and quality control, is hard to see by the outside world. Douyin Box needs to operate for a while to prove whether it has the ability to break through.The best driving force for growth is innovation. Many people believe that the “cat and dog” pattern of Chinese e-commerce has been set, and there is no chance for latecomers. Pduo Duo emerges as a sudden force, relying on the split play of ultra-low price and social e-commerce, which is the innovation of the way to attract customers and the innovation of customer group positioning.Founded later than Kuaishou, Douyin won the short video platform competition thanks to the creation of an “immersive” video swiping interface, which is an innovation in product form.Throughout the development history of the world, whether it is society, technology or industry, every rapid development or the anxiety of pinduoduo and Douyin is not individual anxiety, but represents the universal anxiety after the peak of user growth of e-commerce platforms and short video platforms.The competition between Pinduoduo and Douyin is not between the two, but the inevitable result of the expansion of the giants.For now, pinduoduo and Douyin are still quite different from each other in terms of videos and products they sell, but if they both continue to grow, they could one day become direct competitors.By then, a few cents of cash reward, it is difficult to increase competitiveness for the enterprise.Whoever innovates first, even if it’s just a small innovation, is likely to win.