Local transportation departments plug in “wisdom wings” to ensure safety and smooth operation

2022-05-28 0 By

People’s Daily Online Beijing, February 12 (reporter Wang Lianxiang) From The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of the Spring Festival travel special class learned that on February 12 (the 26th day of the Spring Festival travel rush), the country is expected to send 27.91 million passengers, including 7.1 million railway passengers, 19.3 million highway passengers, 400 thousand water passengers, 111 million civil aviation passengers.The estimated traffic volume of expressways nationwide is 30.525 million.During the Spring Festival travel rush, local transportation departments skillfully use science and technology to ensure the safety and smooth travel of the masses with “wisdom wings”.In order to fully explore the potential value of big data of expressway vehicle passage, Guangdong transportation department guides enterprises to develop Guangdong Smart High-speed big data platform, which provides real-time monitoring, precise positioning and accurate service for traffic flow, and provides traffic big data services for various departments.Nantong port makes full use of “ETC convenient sluice passing” software to avoid the sailors going ashore for sluice passing business as much as possible. Meanwhile, green channels are opened for thermal coal, container materials and other materials to ensure timely and safe sluice passing of ships with key materials.Yangzhou highway department used uav cruise and other technological means to strengthen real-time video inspection of national and provincial roads under its jurisdiction, and regular inspection of key road sections and major entrances and exits of the city.At the same time, through the intelligent analysis system of road network monitoring, road congestion can be timely and effectively relieved and traffic emergencies can be handled.Under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the Spring Festival travel rush will continue to rain and snow in southern China, and there will be significant snow in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.