Jinan border police welcomed the first batch of inbound tourists in the New Year

2022-05-28 0 By

“Happy New Year, welcome home, please take off your mask.”On February 4, the policemen on duty at jinan Border Inspection Station of Shandong Entry-exit Border Inspection Station welcomed the first group of inbound passengers of the Lunar New Year.TW605 flight after landing, in order to ensure fast customs entry personnel, according to the service work deployment, the three police on duty completes the scene sanitizers, wear isolation equipment first armed boarding check number, to witness the crew comparison, synchronization in a clearance check, organization entry personnel ordered off the plane and to carry out the formalities, science to carry out the external input work measures,Complete flight inspection as soon as possible.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the third Team of Jinan Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station has successively formulated guidelines for flight front desk inspection during the epidemic period and procedure guidelines for handling epidemic prevention and control emergencies, optimized the inspection process, coordinated epidemic prevention and control with port control, and actively helped aviation enterprises to resume work and production, contributing to the fight against the epidemic.In this extraordinary “Spring Festival holiday”, they choose to be “contraries”, stick to the front line of port inspection, escort every entry-exit personnel’s safe travel, and ensure that the port is safe, stable, peaceful and smooth during the Spring Festival.New police stick Wenjing is a member of the team left behind, last year she stuck to the front line of prevention and control did not go home, this year since the December 26, she put into the Spring Festival work.”I am a police officer and a Party member. I am the youngest and it is my duty to devote myself to where the people need me most.”Glue Wenjing this year New Year work registration, she did not tell their decision to the family, but before the attendance, she decided to call his father.”You should wear masks, protect yourself and be patient with incoming passengers…”On the other end of the phone, Stick Wen Jing heard his father’s “nagging” for the first time.She said her father’s words reflected his pride and concern for her daughter’s decision.The scene of duty is a crowded place with high risk of exposure to the virus.In order to realize the normal and efficient operation of entry-exit service.Adhesive Wenjing repeatedly studied fake documents, carrying a notebook to learn business knowledge to sort out thinking, summary, so as to be clear on the anti-counterfeiting points of various countries, to verify procedures, witness control, new trends and new means of smuggling can master the problem.During the epidemic prevention and control period, they volunteered to support the front line of epidemic prevention and control, check the difficult and complicated diseases submitted by the front desk, search for clues, and discover the truth.”Every portrait comparison, every document reading, every data entry, every warehouse clearance, every site elimination is a test of my professional work,” she said.There are a lot of new police like Glue Wenjing, in the face of the epidemic, they know that only hold the “everyone”, there are thousands of small family reunion happiness.In the Spring Festival, they interpret the police oath with loyalty and dedication, guarding the lights of thousands of families.