This idea zhang Yimou has been thinking about for two years is amazing opening!Every second is Chinese romance!

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially kicks off with green growing in the center of the Bird’s Nest.The whole process is seamless and full of exciting vitality — where does this amazing idea that deeply integrates Traditional Chinese culture come from?”We spent almost two years on ideas, talking about all kinds of things.”Director Zhang Yimou said the countdown is an important part of the process.The opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games has left a lasting impression on millions of people, but this year, the Winter Olympics decided not to use “crowd tactics”.So how do you do that?”We think of ideas every day.”One day, inspiration quietly germinated from the chaotic thoughts, “I suddenly found that February 4 is the start of spring.”Zhang Yimou, who had not thought about this point of view, was surprised and asked the staff in charge of bidding for the Winter Olympics whether the opening ceremony was specifically chosen on the day of The start of Spring.”They told me it wasn’t specifically chosen.Bidding for the Winter Olympics is a very complicated process, and it took a combination of factors to lock in February 4.Ouch, I think that’s a coincidence!It’s a good starting point for how we’re going to finish the countdown.””As we all know, a countdown is usually just counting the numbers.Whatever form it takes, it deals with the proximity of the numbers coming.”Generally speaking, the countdown starts from 60, such as the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, but also 30 or 10, Zhang said.”Since it is the start of Spring, can we start from the perspective of Chinese culture and choose the 24 solar terms and count backwards from 24?It’s unique. The whole world will think, what does 24 mean?We can simply and directly tell you that this is China’s 24 solar terms, is an ancient algorithm about time, the popularization of Chinese culture.””The opening ceremony was defined by Chinese culture from the very first second,” he said.Source: Beijing Daily client (reporter Gao Qian), @People’s Daily