Notice on Resumption of Some Bus Routes (2)

2022-05-27 0 By

Based on March 21, 2022, pinghu will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group office of the pinghu epidemic prevention and control about adjusting circular seal centralization, control area and protection area, combined with new Dai town open temporary requisition, passenger transportation center and zhapu town road control actual situation, to support to return to work and production enterprise, meet some people travel demand,The specific plan is as follows: Starting from 15:00 on March 24, 2022, the bus routes will continue to be restored. During the restoration period, the first and last bus routes will be delayed or advanced (night bus services will not be resumed), and the frequency will be adjusted according to the situation. The details of the second stage of restoration are as follows:203, 207 (Pinghu Passenger Transport Center – Longzhu Bridge), 213 and 215 bus lines.Please inform each other and make reasonable travel arrangements.