Li Xiaopeng, with high emotional intelligence, is excellent in teaching Taishan, passing in teaching Wuhan, and difficult in teaching the national team

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Li Xiaopeng, the current head coach of Chinese men’s football team, is famous for his high eq.Everyone who came into contact with him or worked with him felt very comfortable.Whether it’s the management, whether it’s the fans, whether it’s the players, whether it’s the media, etc.Looking back on his coaching process, so far, shandong Luneng Taishan team is his most successful period of time.His taishan team coaching conditions are really the right time, the right place and the right people.Although the team did not win the league or cup because of the strong opposition.But he also led the team to the FA Cup final two years in a row, losing but also excelling.Although the runner-up let Taishan fans very disappointed, but also appropriately shows that Li Xiaopeng’s coaching ceiling.Having a better coach but not a champion, he lacks the courage to fight his last fight.In addition, do not deny his predecessor Magath to Shandong Luneng Taishan team left a good foundation of full physical fitness.And the club’s selected teaching assistants Fabio and Mark also brought shandong Taishan team excellent technical and tactical design and implementation.Even so, it is fair and objective to say that Li Xiaopeng did show his teaching ability very well, such as substituting with “Zhuge Liang”.Li Xiaopeng is wonderful, for who scored, who assists, who can keep.For example: Duan Liu Yu, Liu Junshuai, Jin Jingdao and other Li Xiaopeng also led the team to play several excellent games, but also let people see his love for football.Scene 1: Li Xiaopeng and Wang Yongpo held the billboard behind the goal in the rain to cheer for the team’s relegation battle, showing the determination to breathe and share the fate with the team. Scene 2:Li Xiaopeng entered the game and communicated with the referee to avoid unfair punishment. In order to win the game, he did not care about personal gains and losses and had a strong desire to win.Li Xiaopeng led his team in the Asian Champions League match with Guangzhou Evergrande, which scored 4 out of 8, and played a lively and lively game. Although we lost on penalty kicks, this game became the most memorable one in the hearts of all Taishan fans.Wuhan team: from taishan team dismissed due to illness, and then to wuhan team’s thirst for talent, sincerity moved, a total of several months.At that time, Wuhan team is to change a living method, no longer entangled in relegation play-off.Li Xiaopeng also needs a platform to prove his ability is very strong, rather than taishan team platform and excellent personnel.But what about the grades?Draw, overwhelmed, wuhan team is really never had half a season.Li Xiaopeng not only did not plug and play, and with a few months did not completely take the team out of their own style.The reason is: not enough authority.Although he is the vice president, that is, the head coach, but the decision was not carried out thoroughly in Taishan.And the players come from all directions, so it’s hard to get together.This with the Taishan team big guy played a few years to form the heart is completely opposite.National team call-up wuhan team and Li Xiaopeng are relieved, have found the most decent way to say goodbye to both sides.National team: he was doubted from the appointment, was questioned, but still gave fans some hope, the first time announced the team coach list, the number of world record, disappointing, confirmed the squad disappointed again, against Japan against Vietnam, from disappointment to despair;Make-up list let a person rekindle hope, the fourth time announced the second phase of the training list, is still controversial players and coaches are in.What Li Xiaopeng should study and do is when these stubborn nail households of the national team can be removed.Copyright notice: the pictures are from the Internet, if there is infringement immediately delete