Good news!Shanghai health system workers fitness corner, health canteen……Baoshan these units on the list!

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To better serve the workers, and promote the staff’s physical and mental health, baoshan district medical union seriously implement the “” health care worker to share a better life” of Shanghai medical worker health promotion action plan “, actively encourage grass-roots unit “employee fitness Angle” “healthy dining room” “worker health office” create work, etc.Recently, baoshan District Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital staff fitness corner, Baoshan District medical emergency center staff fitness corner was named 2021 Shanghai health system “top 10” staff fitness corner;The staff health canteen and fitness Corner of Shanghai Mental Health Center were named as the Staff health Canteen and fitness Corner of Shanghai Health System in 2021.The doctor’s office in neuro-rehabilitation Ward 2 of Shanghai Second Rehabilitation Hospital was named as the model room of staff health Office of Shanghai Health System in 2021.Top 10 Health system staff Fitness Corner Baoshan District Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Fitness corner Baoshan District Medical Emergency Center Shanghai Health system staff health canteen, fitness corner Shanghai Baoshan District Mental Health Center staff health canteen health corner canteen health tips Staff fitness cornerShanghai health system model between worker health office Shanghai second hospital rehabilitation ward 2 the doctor’s office For many years, the basic level Labour union has been committed to baoshan district health system by perfecting the infrastructure, changing work environment, guide the rational diet and fitness platform form guarantee medical staff’s physical and mental health.So far, 12 units have been named “Shanghai Health System Staff Fitness Corner”, four of which have won the title of “Top 10 Fitness Corner”, and another seven units have been named “Shanghai Health System staff canteen”.In the future, the grass-roots trade unions of Baoshan Health system will continue to strive for the establishment of a healthy canteen and fitness corner for the staff, so that the majority of medical workers have a sense of gain and happiness, and actively contribute to the construction of healthy Shanghai.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: