Found the driver wrong, the traffic police saved 7 people all the way!

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Source: Jiaxing Public SecurityNo one was injured at the scene of a single-car accident, but traffic police spotted something unusual and saved seven people along the way.Zhejiang jiaxing a silver car on the road suddenly the car is out of control to lane to stop until hit the barrier was a great driver before he stumbling down the car show state traffic police brigade evil innocence after receiving alarm squadron mid-team leader Zhu Minglei led quickly rushed to the scene after scene exploration driver because of improper operation caused luckily no one was hurt ruled out the accident vehicle out of controlAfter the possibility of driving under the influence of alcohol, Zhu Minglei found that the driver’s whole state was not right. Obviously, he did not drink. How could he seem to be drunk?Zhu Minglei immediately dial 120 “what’s going on!What’s wrong with you?Tell me!”Zhu Minglei keenly captured several key words “rented house, dinner party burning charcoal eating hot pot, someone is not comfortable…”Zhu Minglei heart in a surprised with this experience his judgment drivers was almost immediately Zhu Minglei escorted the pilot went to the hospital to carbon monoxide poisoning Zhu Minglei on the way to further know and driver together eat hot pot dry carbon and SOS 6 people he wanted to start twice by the other party on the evening of the mobile phone address book he contacted the dinner the other 6 people learned that three people still eat hot pot in rental housingLet them get a window ventilated and dial 120 and the other three people discomfort at the dinner table had come home make sure the safety of all people must find this 3 people home station police scrambled was found 3 people come home soon and rest 3 people together are hospitalized do check the driver after the hospital diagnosis is confirmed for carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms of hyperbaric oxygen therapy the rest 6 people immediatelyObstruction for relatively light has certified the driver surnamed Yang and his colleagues at the rental within set dry carbon hotpot half eat dinner result to Mr. Yang and three others symptoms of dizziness disgusting thought was to eat the bad is ready to go home and rest on the way Mr Yang more severe symptoms that accident happened just discharged from hospital on February 9, Mr Yang come to the traffic police squadron to thank Zhu Minglei Zhu MingRay was out dealing with a traffic accident. “Make sure you thank him for me!If it hadn’t been for him, my friend and I would have had an accident…”With careful and persistence saved 7 lives Zhu Minglei, thumbs up for you!