EXO third man!Captain Suho officially retired from the army “handwritten message echoes the slogan” touched fans

2022-05-27 0 By

Suho, the leader of the Korean group EXO, retired from military service today and posted his autograph and three words to exO-L.Suho was discharged from the Army training center in Nonsan city, South Chungcheong Province on May 14, 2020, and succeeded Xiumin, D.O.The third person in the EXO to complete military service.In order to commemorate, the agency SM Entertainment has launched a commemorative perimeter, quite creative is the necklace pendant is EXO LOGO, and the hollowedkey ring pattern can be right on.Suho himself signed a message To ExO-L saying, “I miss you so much!Thank you so much for waiting and continue to love each other in the future!”The main song of his SOLO album “Let’s Love” released before joining the army, EXO’s handwritten message echoes EXO’s encouraging slogan “We Are ONE!To be honest, Kim Jun-myeon is not the kind of beautiful man who can be easily surprised at a glance, and his presence in the EXO team was not very high at the beginning.As captain, he is EXO’s representative, so he must be official and not make any mistakes.Also because of this, he is in a lot of time is the sacrifice of personal characteristics, to the convergence of edges and corners.He can hardly be defective, even perfect.The stage name SUHO means guarding EXO, and Kim jun-myeon really protects his members with his heart and devotion.