Abbott Laboratories China recalled Xikang Baby Tian Tmall stores have been removed

2022-05-27 0 By

On February 17, Abbott announced a voluntary recall of three infant formula products, including Similac, Alimentum and EleCare, manufactured in A Factory in Michigan.On February 18, A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from Abbott China that one of the products involved in the voluntary recall was Xikang Baby Tian, a nutritional supplement for infants, which has been removed from the shelves on Abbott’s Tmall channel.On the Official website of Abbott Laboratories in China, there is an introduction of Similac Human Milk Fortifier, an infant nutrition supplement, in the product list of “Professional Formula series”. The English name of the product is “Similac Human Milk Fortifier,” and the packaging of the product is labeled “100% original imported.”As of this evening, the product was out of stock in abbott’s Flagship store on Tmall and Abbott’s flagship store for Special Formula Nutrition, but it was still on sale in other Taobao stores, with prices ranging from 440 yuan to 580 yuan per box.The details of the product are: the origin of the product is USA, and it is used for premature/low birth weight babies.Information from the State Administration for Market Regulation shows that Xikang Babutian has been registered as a formula food for special medical use.Abbott said, “There is no problem with products with expiration dates before April 1, 2022, and this is a precautionary voluntary recall.””With the exception of Baby nutritional supplement Sikang Baby Tian, all other nutritional products sold by Abbott China on the mainland are not affected.”Abbott China 18, said: “if consumers have valid for after April 1, 2022 products, can through WeChat or mail, the product packaging production date at the bottom of the photo to us, confirm is this batch of products, we will be sent via SMS/officer micro give you return address and contact way, Courier fees to pay ways.In addition, please provide the payment information, including the name of the payee, the payment bank and account number. Within 7 working days after receiving the return, we will refund the money according to the market retail price.”It is reported that the abbott headquarters of the product recall, the source of four consumer complaints, the Michigan factory of the United States, infants ingest infant formula linked to enterobacter sakazakii cronobacter and Salmonella.In its recall announcement, Abbott said tests conducted at the Michigan plant found enterobacter sakazakii in non-product contact areas, but there is no evidence of salmonella and it is still under investigation.The relevant samples of the milk powder involved in the test showed that sakazaki Cronobacter enterobacter, salmonella are negative.According to Abbott, enterobacter cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella are common in various areas of the environment and home and can cause fever, poor feeding, excessive crying, low energy levels and other serious symptoms in infants.Although no pathogen was detected, Abbott voluntarily recalled the affected batches of milk powder.The recalled products have a string of numbers on the bottom of the container, the first two digits being 22 to 37, containing K8, SH or Z2, with an expiration date of April 1, 2022 or later.No Abbott liquid formula, powdered formula or nutritional products from other facilities are affected by the recall, Abbott said.