A Canadian woman found a person hidden in the boot of her car three days after it was covered in mud for no reason

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“I don’t know this man, and I don’t know if he’s going to hurt me, and he’s been in my trunk for three days.And he hasn’t said a word in these days.”Talking about a strange thing that happened recently, Bethany Cocker, a woman from Canada, said with some trepidation.Even though it had been a few days since the incident, Bethany still felt uneasy looking back on it.At the time of the cleanup, the trunk was occupied by Bethany, who lived in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.According to Bethany, she was confused when she noticed mud on the passenger seat of her car one day.She clearly remembers driving around the night before and not getting home until 2 a.m.Then she parked her car at home.In the morning, she drove the car and didn’t notice the mud on the seat.Later, the second time she drove, she realized this.Bethany guessed that the seats were covered in mud because people with nowhere to stay had somehow opened the doors at night when she wasn’t looking and had sneaked into the cars to sleep.She was furious at what she saw.It took bethany a long time to get all the seats clean, using special tools.At the time, Bethany did not know that she was actually accompanied by someone during her cleanup, until later.One day, when Bethany opened the car door, she suspected there might be someone inside, noticing a mist on all four Windows.But when she looked around, she could see no one but herself.Then bethany became alarmed when a man’s voice said “Hello” in her ear.A pair of hands stretched out from behind the armrest box between the two seats.At first, Bethany thought a friend was playing a trick on her.However, when she looked back, she saw a man she did not recognize at all, and he was empty, nothing.Terrified, Bethany turned on the phone and recorded the incident.”Why were you hiding in my trunk?”‘bethany asked hurriedly.”Yes, it’s a ritual,” he calmly replied.And he didn’t take off just because he was spotted, still hiding in Bethany’s trunk.Seeing this, Bethany immediately telephoned the police.Later, the man was taken away.After investigating, they discovered that the man was disturbed and that he had been in Bethany’s trunk for three days.When Bethany learned this, she couldn’t believe it.”During that time, I drove to the grocery store, went out to eat, got gas, and drove out to work, and he never made a sound.” Bethany was terrified when she remembered that an unknown man had been following her “silently” for the past three days.But luckily, the man did nothing to hurt her.Of course, after this experience, Bethany never got behind the wheel as calmly as before.Bethany’s incident should be a reminder to all of us to make sure that everything in and around the car is normal before driving. Safety is the most important thing.For more exciting content, check out the World of Bin FUN