2022 Beijing Press Center will hold a special press conference on the construction of “Two Districts” in Beijing

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Beijing, Feb. 10 (CHINamil.com.cn) this morning, the 2022 Beijing Press Center held a special press conference on the construction of the “Two Districts” in Beijing.Leaders of relevant departments of Beijing introduced the construction of the “two districts” and answered reporters’ questions.At the press conference.2022 Beijing news center for figure party member of Beijing business bureau, China (Beijing) free trade area, the national service of integrated demonstration area of opening wider to the outside work leading group office deputy director of the full-time mei-ying liu said Beijing has determined this year “and” the construction of the key direction, from the systematic reform, strengthen the coordination and focus on the center of gravity sinking focus on three dimensions,We will further accelerate the construction of the “two zones” and enhance their visibility.A “two districts” that can absorb talents from all over the world is a “two districts” full of vitality and creativity.Lu Xiaobo, second-level inspector and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said at the press conference that Beijing has released a list of professional qualification exams open to overseas professionals.On the premise of ensuring national sovereignty and security, it is clear that overseas professionals are allowed to apply for the relevant vocational qualification examinations in Beijing.Part at the same time in the face of the international professionals in their own country or region has obtained the professional qualification, but it cannot be used in Beijing, with reference to the international professional qualification recognition mechanism, introduced the foreign professional qualification recognition directory, support multinational talent (condition) is engaged in the related work, innovative form of “Beijing model” professional qualification recognition overseas.What kind of talents are needed for the construction of key industries in Beijing’s “two Districts”?What is the shortage of these talents in the human resource market?Reporters learned at the press conference that in combination with the construction of “two districts” and the development needs of key industries of “new infrastructure, new scene, new consumption, new opening up and new service”, Beijing has compiled a human resources development catalog to accurately picture the talents needed in the city through the combination of the government and the market.It is composed of two parts: human resource development catalogue in key industries and Occupations (types of jobs) in urgent need of skilled personnel, and grades the overall shortage degree.Recently, the Implementation Plan for the Opening of the Whole Biomedical Industry Chain in Beijing has been officially implemented after being approved by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government.This is the first implementation plan for opening up the whole industrial chain for the development of the “two Districts” in Beijing.QuHaoPeng, deputy director of the Beijing drug administration, says the plan of Beijing biological medicine industry from research to clinical application and so on each link to realize the whole industry chain cover, focusing on the key to solve the whole industrial chain difficulties and bottlenecks, 17, a total of 50 from five aspects development measures, plugging point quickly through industry, quickly solve business pain points.In terms of the implementation of the Plan, Lu xiaobo said that a task breakdown table matching the plan has been formulated, the division of responsibilities and time points of 50 measures have been clarified, a work promotion and guarantee mechanism for monthly scheduling has been established, and the implementation of the Plan has been included in the supervision and evaluation.The application of digital RMB in the Winter Olympic Games has drawn keen attention from the society.In response to reporters’ questions, Wang Ying, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Financial Supervision Administration, said that the trial of digital RMB has made positive progress, covering more than 400,000 scenes of the Winter Olympics, and the transaction value reached 9.6 billion yuan.Going forward, Beijing will continue to steadily and orderly deepen the trial of digital RMB, let more scenarios use digital RMB, and build a global benchmark city of digital economy with the advantage of smart financial services.In addition, the press conference also revealed that Beijing is building the first trade digital innovation service platform — trade digital empowerment center, while also taking the lead in exploring digital trade statistics and measurement methods in the country.Source: Chinamil.com.cn Author: Yu Yaqian Responsible editor: Li Jiaqi